EXCLUSIVE: Thor Takes She-Hulk on a Date in Avengers #11 Preview

Who said romance is dead? Certainly not Marvel Comics. The publisher just released early pages for Avengers #11 exclusively to CBR, and those pages include a look into the romantic lives of Thor, a god, and She-Hulk, an attorney with the power to turn into a deadly, rampaging monster. So, basically a match made in heaven. Or Asgard, maybe?

The preview answers the timeless question of where Thor takes his dates. As it turns out, that place is the Savage Lands, where Thor plies women with mead and turkey legs. Clearly the routine isn’t working on Jennifer, who isn't impressed with the "battle dragons" on offer. The ordeal is so harrowing that she even ends up wishing for the Final Host's return.

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Meanwhile, the art also reveals a conversation between Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider. It appears to be a moment to breathe for both characters, as most everyone has departed Avengers Mountain, leaving the two heroes to try to get along… which is easier said than done.

The art also catches up with former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson, who, as always, is supposed to be dead. Coulson takes the time to curse Deadpool for his demise, but his cameo only lasts a page. It's unclear exactly what Coulson is up to, and why he has his weapon drawn. The only thing we do know is that it has everything to do with the Avengers.

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