"Thor: Ragnarok's" Karl Urban Looks More Like Skurge Everyday

In a tweet published this morning, Karl Urban teased fans with a preview of his new look for Marvel Studios' upcoming sequel, "Thor: Ragnarok." Between a freshly shaven head and his thick, dark facial hair, Urban looks significantly more the part of the Asgardian Skurge, fondly known as The Executioner. (All he lacks are hornlike hair stripes, which you can't blame him for leaving to the makeup department.)

Thanks for the haircut !!@TaikaWaititi @thorofficial pic.twitter.com/ArqWG9CSlb

- Karl Urban (@KarlUrban) July 25, 2016

Though the official cast announcement was released in May and fan theories abound, it's hard to tell whether Urban will appear as an antagonist or ally in the upcoming film. The Executioner of the Marvel Universe is famous for aligning with Loki to menace Thor, but also joined forces with the Odinson to rescue trapped souls from Hel. All we really know -- apart from the fact that Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum will be joining the cast as Hela and the Grandmaster respectively -- is that "Ragnarok" will incorporate aspects of the seminal "Planet Hulk" storyline, which pits a brainwashed Hulk against his friends and allies.

Perhaps recognizing that fans would be waiting anxiously to see whether Thor can defeat the Hulk and save Bruce Banner, director Taika Waititi did give them something to hang onto, by way of an explanation for the Odinson's whereabouts during "Captain America: Civil War." In a mockumentary-style short specifically designed for last week's Comic-Con International in San Diego, Waititi revealed that Thor has been spending his time wisely. Wisely, in Australia, with somebody named Darryl.

If you missed it, here's a photo of the God of Thunder playing Connect Four, or at least trying to:

Where was Thor during Civil War? He moved in with me and we sort-a played Connect Four. A lot. #ComiCon #MarvelSDCC pic.twitter.com/OIp2zqjENs

- DaleyPearson (@Daley_Pearson) July 25, 2016

"Thor: Ragnarok" will be released in theaters on November 3, 2017.

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