Thor: Ragnarok's Valkyrie Is Bisexual, Tessa Thompson Confirms

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie is set to be the first LGBT character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when she makes her debut next month in Thor: Ragnarok.

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Thompson confirmed Valkyrie's sexuality while responding to a fan exchange on Twitter. "She's bi," she wrote. "And yes, she cares very little about what men think of her. What a joy to play!" However, the actor didn't address whether Thor: Ragnarok will include a scene that establishes the sexuality of the Asgardian warrior.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had previously said he expected the introduction of an LGBT character by 2025, and, more recently, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 writer/director James Gunn suggested they might already exist in the MCU.

“You know, somebody asked me, ‘Will there be any gay characters in Marvel movies?’ and what I meant was there’s a lot of characters in the MCU and very few of them that we’ve delved into what their sexuality is," he said in May. "Whether it’s guy or straight or bisexual, we don’t really know. Um, so I imagine that there are probably, you know, gay characters in the Marvel universe, you know, we just don’t know who they are yet.”

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With Thompson confirming where Ragnarok's Valkyrie stands, perhaps this will create an opening for more diverse heroes and villains to be added to the roster of characters.

Debuting Nov. 3, director Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson, Jeff Goldblum, Mark Ruffalo, Cate Blanchett and Karl Urban.

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