Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi Reveals Inspiration For Korg


Known for his keen sense of humor in Thor: Ragnarok, writer/director Taika Waititi is also a notoriously good interview subject. In his appearance on The Last Leg, the filmmaker fielded questions about what inspired his take on the role of Korg, the sentient stack of rocks who befriends Thor in the Marvel Studios sequel.

After showing off his facility with several versions of his Kiwi accent, Waititi explained how he arrived at how Korg should sound.

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"In New Zealand we have a lot of bouncers," he said, "Polynesian bouncers, and that's their accent. Giant, hulking dudes, but very delicate souls, lovely people, very special people. And that's how they talk. It's very intimidating when you try to get into a nightclub and you say, 'Hey, can I come into this nightclub?'"

Waititi then mimicked the bouncers' unexpectedly friendly speech patterns, which closely resemble those he used for Korg. "They're like, 'Hey, uh, sorry, we're at capacity tonight, my friend! So tonight's not your night. Maybe try again another night!' It's very hard to figure out what to do in that situation. Do you pick a fight with them? 'Cause their voice betrays who they are! They end up breaking a lot of legs."

Waititi went on to discuss what he thinks Korg's politics would be like were he to run as New Zealand's next prime minister. "He's a pro-rock guy," he deadpanned before continuing in full Korg character. "First and foremost, I think we need to stamp out all the paper that's plaguing our country at the moment, and be a bit more lenient on the scissor immigration, because they pose no threat to us."

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Turning serious for a moment, Waititi responded to a mention of Stan Lee's death.

"The thing about Stan, the thing he was most proud of," he said, "was all the cameos he did in those films. From all the characters and the universes he created, the thing he loved the most was being part of these films. He was the most lovely person."

While fans would undoubtedly love to see Korg reappear in the future, Waititi isn't attached to any of the announced Marvel Cinematic Universe films. However, recent rumors indicate he has met with Marvel Studios to discuss possible projects. In the meantime he is staying busy elsewhere, acting as director in the television adaptation of his beloved movie What We Do in the Shadows.

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