Thor: Ragnarok Director Teases Planet Hulk Character

Director Taika Waititi has given fans a huge hint as to just how much the "Planet Hulk" storyline may factor in the upcoming "Thor: Ragnarok." The director took to Instagram and posted a picture of a rainbow-colored Korg brand keyboard -- a direct reference to the character Korg, a golem-like humanoid who was a gladiator-slave of the Sakaar Empire alongside the Hulk in the "Planet Hulk" storyline.

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Originally one of Hulk's enemies in the slave battles, Korg soon became one of the hero's most trusted allies. He became a member of the Warbound; a group of former slaves who helped the Hulk overthrow the tyrannical Red King, and eventually helped him get his revenge on those who stranded him in space during "World War Hulk".

It was confirmed at 2016's Comic-Con International in San Diego that "Thor Ragnarok" would be using aspects of the "Planet Hulk" storyline when we saw pictures of Hulk's gladiator armor on display at the convention. This latest update confirms that the film will perhaps be using even more from the popular storyline than initially thought, though it's probably safe to say the gladiator match between the Hulk and the Silver Surfer won't be happening anytime soon.

"Thor: Ragnarok" arrives in theaters November 3, 2017. 

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