Who (and What) Doesn't Survive Thor: Ragnarok

The Warriors Three

Warriors Three fans are probably still ripping out their hair. The trio of mighty Asgardian warriors never really received their shining moment in the Thor franchise, but who could've guessed it would be so easy to dispatch Thor’s closest allies? Sadly, they're little more than cannon fodder for Hela as she conquers Asgard.

The Warriors Three have their first encounter with Hela at the Bifrost. The goddess of death knocks Thor and Loki out of the interstellar portal, arriving in Asgard by herself. Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) and Fandral (Zachary Levi) are there to greet her, along with Skurge (who's been removed from his Bifrost duties). Hela makes quick work of all but Skurge (Karl Urban), whom she recruits to her side. She then sets off for Asgard proper, only to be met by Hogun (Tadanobu Asano) and a sea of elite guards. This is the first time audiences receive a clear look at how dangerous Hela can be, as she rips apart the army and impales Hogun with her Necroswords.

All Those Valkyries


During a fight with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, Loki casts a spell to force her to relive a past trauma. It doesn’t help him, of course, as Valkyrie quickly pulls out of the trance and teaches Loki a lesson. However, the brief sequence offers insight into the fate of one of Asgard’s most lauded fighting force.

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The Valkyries were once the elite all-women guardians of the Asgardian throne, defending the royal family when danger came knocking. Unfortunately, they also had to deal with the royal family when they became that danger. Such was the case with Hela, whose ambitions didn't end once Odin concluded his conquests. When Hela revolted against her father, the Valkyries were sent to deal with the threat, a confrontation that didn't end well for the warriors. It’s implied Valkyrie is the last of her kind.



All things considered, Surtur seemed like a pretty chill guy -- at least for someone perpetually on fire. Thor's fight with the fire giant opens the film, at which point we learn the ruler of Muspelheim is the catalyst for Ragnarok, the fabled destruction of Asgard. Only by fulfilling that prophecy can Surtur ever truly die. Thor wants to prevent Ragnarok at all costs, so he slays Surtur, nabbing his fiery crown and stashing it in Odin’s vault. Done deal, right?

It’s not until much later that Thor and his allies put the pieces together: If Hela draws her power from Asgard, then it might be a good idea to let Surtur do his job. Loki makes the mad dash to the vault and throws Surtur’s crown into the Eternal Flame, spawning a massive version of the fiery beast. With his purpose fulfilled, Asgard becomes like so many other radioactive rocks floating in the great expanse of space, and Surtur finally dies.


thor ragnarok karl urban skurge

Skurge’s story in Thor: Ragnarok is quite the dirge. Urban’s Asgardian everyman warrior is played comedically in the beginning, but his story quickly turns dark. It’s not long before a petrified Skurge is recruited to Hela’s army and, in short order, becomes her executioner. He even leads the march against Idris Elba’s Heimdall when the Watcher of Worlds attempts to lead the surviving Asgardians to safety across the Rainbow Bridge. Surely, Skurge isn’t interested in redemption.

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Or is he? It’s clear from Urban’s performance that Skurge isn’t wholly on board with Hela’s massacre of his fellow Asgardians, but what else can he do? Redeem himself, that’s what. Skurge whips out a pair of assault rifles -- Des and Troy -- the moment Asgard needs him most. He’s able to fight off Hela’s undead army and save countless lives at the end of the film, but he meets his death when he jumps from the ship and is immediately impaled by Hela.

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