Who (and What) Doesn't Survive Thor: Ragnarok

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WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, in theaters now.

Another Marvel Studios film means another round of ultimate sacrifices from heroes and secondary characters fans have come to know and love -- along with, in this case, an entire realm. For all of its humor, director Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok’s comes with a staggering body count.

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That’s not much of a surprise, considering the film’s primary antagonist is Hela, the goddess of death (Cate Blanchett), but some of the losses mark significant changes for both integral characters and the =Marvel Cinematic Universe itself. All those sacrifices weren’t in vain, however; a few managed to flesh out the secret history of Asgard. You know … before it exploded.

If you started losing count when all the lasers, swords and green fists began to fly, here's a rundown of all the major deaths in Thor: Ragnarok. Don't feel ashamed if you couldn't keep up; Some things died twice!


Perhaps one of the least-surprising "fatalities" in Thor: Ragnarok is the shattering of Mjolnir by Hela, a moment telegraphed in trailers months before the film’s release (in two different settings, even). However, that doesn’t change the impact of the sequence, as it might be one of the most important losses in the sequel.

Forged from the heart of a dying star, the enchanted hammer has been been the signature weapon of Chris Hemsworth's thunder god since his introduction in 2011’s Thor. As Anthony Hopkins’ Odin says, the hammer was meant to hone Thor’s lightning powers, but it was never the source. Much of Thor: Ragnarok revolves around Thor coming to terms with that and, consequently, accepting his own thunderous powers while a prisoner on Sakaar.


Odin Anthony Hopkins

Odin’s death might be the saddest one. The Asgardian is first kingnapped by Tom Hiddleston's Loki and then shuffled off to a nursing home on Earth, deprived of his powers and rendered senile. When he snaps out of it, Odin warns his sons of a looming threat: Hela, whose imprisonment was only a guarantee while the protector of the Nine Realms was alive. Odin then dies.

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Later developments reveal that Odin wasn’t always the benevolent protector of the Nine Realms, but rather their conqueror. He rode into battle beside Hela, his firstborn, and cut a swath through anyone daring enough to stand in their way. Hela rose up against Odin, and he imprisoned her. In this way, Odin’s death marks the true end of Asgard, which was built upon a foundation of violent subjugation and millennia of palace intrigue designed to cover up that uncomfortable secret.

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