Thor's Trip to Hel Teases the Return of a Major Villain

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WARNING: This article contains possible spoilers for Thor #2 by Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo, in stores Wednesday June 27.

Thor may not have Mjolnir by his side anymore, but he has returned at the helm of an ongoing comic series to reclaim his mantle as the one and only God of Thunder. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Mike Del Mundo's new Thor series is a fresh start for the character, but also the next part of Aaron's massive overarching story arc. The War of the Realms is still raging, and the Dark Elf Malekith is upsetting the balance of power throughout the cosmos. By all accounts, the Odinson has his hands more than full, and it appears as if they are about to get even fuller.

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Thanks to the preview of Wednesday's Thor #2, an old foe is set to make a grand and bloodied return in the hero's life -- and it looks this person isn't coming alone. But who is our mystery villain? Well, if the hints from the preview pages are to be believed, the Goddess of Death herself, Hela, is coming back.

The villainous return is teased in the first two pages of the issue, where an unseen prisoner speaks from inside its cell. Although we don't see the character in the slightest, the teases provided are almost all we need to deduce that Hela is the one speaking. After all, the speech bubbles are black, just like Hela's, and her dialogue about how she was the one who would give rotting souls a home makes the identity of this prisoner all the more obvious.

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If that weren't enough, there is also her companion to consider. After all, whosoever is inside this prison cell (come on, it's Hela), isn't alone. There are also giant, glowing red eyes that pierce through the dark -- a presence that the prisoner calls "brother." By then, you should have also deduced that this is almost certainly the Fenris Wolf, who has been known to have red eyes in the comic books, and who is also a mythological creature who is Hela's (alleged) brother.

This specific return would make a whole lot of sense considering that both Hela and the Fenris Wolf were the main villains in November's Thor: Ragnarok film. Given the focus the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given to the characters, it's only logical to have them make a big return in the comics, especially when the comics have been known to reflect the MCU on various occasions.

Thor #1 ended with Thor's brother Balder revealing himself as the new caretaker of Hel (complete with Hela's signature helmet), which means that now is the perfect time for the Goddess of Death to make a splash and strive to return to her former glory.

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