Thor Odinson Loses His Arm (Again) and Gears Up for Marvel's Fresh Start

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Mighty Thor #706 by  Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman, in stores now.

Six months ago, Thor #700 showed us a glimpse of the future, a tapestry of beginnings and endings, and of answers and questions.

Perhaps the most surprising of all teases was a glimpse of Thor Odinson, once again the God of Thunder, sporting a golden prosthetic arm and brandishing a new hammer, one reminiscent of Mjolnir, albeit gold in hue. This led many to wonder how far off into the future this look at Thor hailed from, and just what circumstances would lead to his new look.

Part of the answer arrived when Marvel announced that its entire line of titles would be going through a 'Fresh Start.' Starting in May, this overhaul will relaunch num serous Marvel titles with new creative teams and a focus on fan-favorite core characters. Leading the charge of this bold new era is Thor, with his golden hammer and matching arm. Now, in this week's Mighty Thor #706, we witness the beginning of the next chapter in the Odinson's journey.

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For the better part of four years, Jane Foster has been Asgard's sole God of Thunder. She picked up Mjolnir from its resting place on the moon and became a formidable hero in her own right. But just as Jane was launching into a cosmic superhero career, the Odinson was going through a bit of rough patch. In the same issue that Jane first wielded the hammer, Thor lost his arm, cut off by the evil Dark Elf Malekith in 2014's Thor (Vol. 4) #1. Just three issues later, the once-God of Thunder would be gifted a mighty present by the Dwarves of the realm of Nidavellir: an arm made of Black Uru, said to be forged in the same fires as Mjolnir, and promised to outlive the stars themselves.

Thor gets a new Black Uru arm

Thor has sported this arm throughout his adventures in Marvel's comics ever since. That is, until now. Mighty Thor #706 sees Thor lose his Black Uru arm after attempting to control the God Tempest, the Mother Storm that was contained inside Mjolnir. In order to defeat the Mangog, Jane Foster had thrown the creature made of pure anger and vengeance into the sun, along with the mythical hammer. Mjolnir is now destroyed, the Mother Storm sweeping the cosmos once again. But rather than wreak destruction, the sentient storm instead joins forces with Odinson in the hopes of bringing a deceased Jane Foster back to life.

The storm's lightning uses Thor as a conduit, the vast energy used to shock Jane back to the land of the living. But the process is long and arduous, and it takes a toll on Thor. While he powers through, the fierce lightning coursing through his body melts away the Black Uru of his arm.

Mighty Thor Odin Jane Foster Odinson Mother Storm

With Odin's help as a second conduit, Jane Foster is saved, and Thor, like the rest of the Asgardians, is relieved to the point of tears. Now, the Odinson finds himself without an arm once more, but it will not be for long. After all, Marvel's fresh start is only a month away.

And besides, Mighty Thor #706 ends with the unworthy Thor once again devoting himself to a life of heroism, and the next step of his adventure involves building a new hammer. Before long, he will find his golden hammer -- and he'll have a new arm to go along with it.

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