Thor: What Are Odinson's New Golden Hammer & Arm Made Of?

Last week's The Mighty Thor #700, by longtime Thor writer Jason Aaron and artists Russell Dauterman, Daniel Acuña, Walter Simonson and many others, saw the series launch headlong into the Marvel Legacy era. The oversized issue kicked off the next big chapter of Aaron's years-spanning Thor run with a new storyline that looks to chronicle the death of the Jane Foster version of the god of Thunder.

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But while the series stars a female incarnation of Asgard's thunder god, the original Thor, aka Odinson, has had just as big of a role to play in the story. This issue saw him take an active role, attempting to save the Norns from an assault by Malekith's forces. Located at the roots of Yggdrasil -- the World Tree -- the Norns weave the threads of destiny, something the Malekith wants to destroy at all cost, in order to be free from their shackles. In the hopes of saving her people, the Queen of the Norns cut all the threads, taking them all for herself to use against the army at her doorstep. As she did so, we saw a glimpse at things to come, a look at the future of Thor, Loki, Jane Foster, Earth -- essentially, a look ahead at the storybeats that have yet to arrive in Jason Aaron's Thor saga.

Among that vision, front and center, we see the Odinson, returned to full power, seemingly having reclaimed the name of Thor. But the real mystery involves the fact that his hammer, as well as his arm, are no longer the color of iron. Gone is the silver of Mjolnir's Uru, the strongest metal in the universe, replaced instead by something that appears to be gold. What this may mean for the original Mjolnir remains unknown, but we do wonder what material this new hammer, as well as Thor's new arm, could be made out of.

Obviously, the most distinguishable feature of this new metal lies in its color: gold. But it's also important to consider the fact that it is wielded by Thor himself, a god from Asgard. This is not a hammer and arm made of some random Earth-based alloy. Considering the various metals that exist in the Marvel Universe, if it is to be wielded as an immeasurable weapon, there are two likely possibilities as to the material used, and both could hint at things to come in the series.

The most likely candidate is the metal known as Adamantine. Not to be confused with Adamantium, which laces Wolverine's bones, Adamantine is a powerful, mythical Olympian metal that in fact inspired the name Adamantium. It was created by the Greek god Hephaestus, who used it to craft the Gates of Pluto and Hercules' Golden Mace, a weapon Thor himself wielded at one point. The gold-colored Adamantine is nicknamed the "Metal of the Gods," and seeing as how Aaron's Thor run has focused on all matters of pantheons and deities across the galaxy, it makes sense for the gods of Olympus to come forward in the next chapter of his story, perhaps helping the Odinson reclaim his birthright.

If not the Gods of Olympus, then perhaps the answer lies in the stars. On the planet Galador, a very special breed of soldiers were created to help the Galadorians defeat their invaders, the Dire Wraiths. Known as the Spaceknights, these heroes were once humans who sacrificed their human lives to be transformed into powerful robotic soldiers made out of a metal known as Plandanium. Armed and protected with this metal, the Spaceknights are capable of many amazing feats that allow them to be heroes of the spaceways. While each has their own color, one of these knights is, in fact, gold.

With Aaron's Thor saga being one of cosmic proportions, and with the story truly taking place from one corner of the universe to the other, we wouldn't put it past him to dust off these cosmic warriors from Marvel's backlog to bring them back to the forefront. Perhaps they might not only become valuable allies to Thor in the upcoming "War of the Realms," they could also see it fit to offer him a new hammer and a new arm with which to wage battle.

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Of course, while these two metals are the most likely candidates, it's also possible Aaron has another trick up his sleeve. He's has proven that he can easily add many new mythical layers to his overarching storyline of gods and mortals, so there is always the possibility that he would browse the mythology books to bring a new material to the table, something ancient and new at the same time. Something worthy of the god of Thunder.

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