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15 Mighty Pieces of Unused Thor Concept Art

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15 Mighty Pieces of Unused Thor Concept Art

November is closing in fast bringing all kinds of goodies such as the return of the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok. Ever since the release of the mind-blowing trailer set to rocking tunes from the ’80s, fans from all over have been hyped about the upcoming deadly gladiator matchup between Thor and his good old buddy from work, Hulk. Plus, Marvel has been releasing some cool pieces of concept art, giving us a glimpse at what to expect once Thor: Ragnarok finally hits the theaters.

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As long as we’re on the subject of concept art, we took a little walk down memory lane and uncovered some fascinating pieces of unused concept art for both Thor and Thor: The Dark World. As you probably know, before costumes make their way to the movie screens, there are usually quite a few different designs of a single one. However, only one design makes the cut and the rest are left to be discovered and admired by the fans. If you ever wanted to see what Thor, Loki or Lady Sif could have looked like, you’ve come to the right place. So, stick around and take a look at the 15 mightiest pieces of unused Thor concept art.


Constantine Sekeris Thor The Dark World Siff

Constantine Sekeris is a concept designer from Los Angeles, California. For the past five years he’s been designing costumes for movies such as Green Lantern, OblivionMan of Steel and Wonder Woman. In the past Constantine worked on Spider-Man 2 and 3, Hellboy 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. While working on Thor: The Dark World, Constantine created concepts for Lady Sif and Malekith.

His Lady Sif concept was based on the costume design by Wendy Partridge, who designed the costumes for Thor: The Dark World. The fierce Lady Sif, played by the beautiful Jaime Alexander, wore a similar costume in the movie. However, certain details on the armor were slightly altered, while the red cape and the fury collar were removed from the final design.


Ryan Meinerding Thor Costumes

Ryan Meinerding is the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios. Ever since designing the Iron Man Mark 1 for the first Iron Man movie, Ryan has been participating in the design of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently, he had the opportunity to work on his favorite superhero, Spider-Man, and embark into a whole new world with the upcoming Black Panther movie.

Ryan posted this particular piece of concept art showing us some of the explorations he did while designing the Asgardian costumes for the first Thor movie. Every character looks mighty impressive, especially the two brothers. None of the costumes you see on the image above were the final design. In this version, Loki’s costume has a more casual look and Thor’s costume is mostly navy blue.


Josh Nizzi Thor The Dark World Valkyrie

Josh Nizzi, a freelance concept artist based in Carey, United States, who creates concept art for movies, video games and comic books. He worked on titles such as Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, Transformers: Age of Extinction and recently Spider-Man: Homecoming. When Josh uploaded some unused concept art for Thor: The Dark World, his concept design  for Valkyrie was the most talked about.

Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, in case you’re not familiar, is the lead of a group of warrior goddesses, The Valkyrior, and a member of The Defenders. The mighty Valkyrie almost appeared in Thor 2 and this is what she could’ve looked like. Compared to her comic book counterpart, this Valkyrie is wearing a bit more armor, but the basic costume colors remained black and silver.


Justin Sweet Thor The Dark World Dark Elf

Justin Sweet is a concept artist, illustrator and gallery artist from Orange County, United States, working primarily in the fantasy genre. Throughout his professional career, he has worked on movies like Green Lantern, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, as well as the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. If you wish to see some of those pieces, check out Justin’s website.

Justin shared some very interesting unused concepts for Thor: The Dark World. The one you see above is an unused design for the Dark Elves. While the ones used in the movie certainly looked cool, we must admit that Justin’s Dark Elves are way creepier. Considering the seemingly skinless design of their bodies and the skeleton-like face, these elves strike a frightening figure indeed.


Josh Nizzi Thor The Dark World OldstrongMarauder

Yet another awesome concept from Josh Nizzi. One of the most recognizable characters from the group of unused concepts Josh uploaded to his website are these two images, simply labeled as Oldstrong Marauder and Oldstrong Misfit. However, this is obviously the design for Caiera the Oldstrong of the Shadow People.

Caiera the Oldstrong was introduced during the “Planet Hulk” storyline and eventually married Hulk. Caiera belongs to the race of Sakaaran Shadow People and is one of the few members of her race to poses the Old Power — the power to control the Earth. Both of Josh’s designs look very cool and we would’ve loved if one of them had made it into the movie. However, the second one with the shiny armor more resembles Caiera’s costume from the comics.


Keith Christensen Thor The Dark World Worriros Three

Keith Christensen is a well-known concept artist and costume designer based in Chicago, Illinois. Keith started drawing at a very young age and today his amazing talent for drawing, painting and sculpting for movies and TV shows allows him to make a living. Keith worked on a lot of movies, including Logan, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Man of Steel. Just to name a few.

Keith published his alternate designs for some X-Men: Days of Future Past costumes, as well as Thor: The Dark World. Among the vast collection of unused concept art were the alternate costume designs for the Warriors Three. Unlike the armored costumes we saw in the movie, Keith’s designs have Hogun, Volstagg and Fandral in slightly more casual attire.


Wes Louie Thor Juton

Wes Louie is a New York-based concept artist and illustrator specializing in conceptual design, illustration and art direction, as well as digital painting, storyboarding, set designs, and movie posters. Wes has been in the entertainment business for twenty years and has worked on movies and TV shows such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Luke Cage, Heroes Reborn and many more.

The ice world of Jotunheim from the first Thor movie was an impressive sight. In order to finalize the design of Jotunheim and the Frost Giants, Marvel Studios hired a bunch of artists to create concepts. According to Wes, he was told to explore ideas in which the actors would be wearing practical suits that looked like ice. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that Marvel went in another direction and the frost giants look more human.


Andrew Kim Thor The Dark World Lady Sif

Andrew Kim, formerly Senior Concept Artist at Marvel Studios, is a Los Angeles-based freelance concept illustrator and designer working in movie and video game industry. Andrew worked on Marvel movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, as well as video games such as God of War III and the extremely popular Uncharted series.

This awesome Lady Sif concept art is an alternate costume design Andrew did for Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World. This costume diverges significantly from what we saw on the big screen. The armor is decorated with ornaments and leather pieces at the side. Plus, Lady Sif’s hair is cut short, much like Jaime Alexander’s is now. Marvel should definitely give Andrew’s awesome costume design a try in a future movie.


Andrew Kim Thor The Dark World Malekith Ship

However, Lady Sif’s alternate costume is not the only unused piece of Thor: The Dark World concept art Andrew Kim shared with us. In fact, if you check out his website you can find lots of awesome concept art for your favorite comic book movies. Such as this concept design for Malekith’s ship.

We all remember the huge imposing ship Malekith brought to Earth and wrecked half of London with it in the process. Well, as impressive as Malekith’s ship in Thor: The Dark World was, we kind of dig Andrew’s design too. Not only does it look out of this world, it would also do less damage to the surroundings. However, since destruction and mayhem were the intended purpose of the ship, we understand why Marvel favored the other one.


Andy Park Thor The Dark World Malekith

For two decades, Andy Park has been creating astonishing concept art in the entertainment industry. In the past, Andy worked as a comic book artist illustrating popular titles such as Uncanny X-Men and Tomb Raider. Currently, Andy is the Visual Development Supervisor at Marvel Studios and he worked on every single movie since Captain America: The First Avenger.

His Malekith concept art gives us a peek at a very different Malekith from the one we saw in Thor: The Dark World. You could say that Andy’s design of Malekith is more comic book accurate because of the purple skin and costume. Not that there was anything wrong with the Malekith we got; however, Andy’s Malekith kind of looks more menacing. It must be because of his horrific face.


Andy Park Thor The Dark World Lady Siff

At the time, Andy Park is busy working on Marvel’s upcoming movies such as Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel. But while we wait impatiently for more of his amazing designs, let’s take a look at yet another alternate costume Andy made for Thor: The Dark World. This time it’s the mighty Lady Sif.

Andy’s vision of Lady Sif has much more armor and is slightly darker than the one we saw in the movie. In fact, this costume design highly resembles that of the God of Thunder himself. Everything from the chest armor to the forearm guards has an uncanny resemblance to what we find on Thor’s costume. Still, it is an interesting concept to explore and would most definitely look awesome on the big screen.


Warrenr Manser Thor Young Thor and Loki

Concept artist, designer and illustrator, Warren Manser, certainly has an impressive list of movie titles attached to his name. So far, Warren has designed costumes for movies such as Raimi’s Spider-Man, the 2003 Daredevil film, and recently Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While working with Marvel Studios on the first Thor movie, Warren designed a couple of different looks for the mighty Thor, as well as other characters that did and did not appear in the movie. This piece of concept art depicts alternate versions of young Thor and Loki. The boys’ clothes are brighter and already feature each brother’s preferred color, red and green. The brothers also have identical haircuts, as opposed to what we saw in the movie.


Michael Kutsche Thor Frost Giant

Michael Kutsche is an award-winning German artist based in Berlin, Germany. His unique approach to character creation has landed him character designer gigs for movies such as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Jon Farveau’s The Jungle Book. Due to the success of his character designs, Michael became one of the most in demand character designers in the movie industry.

This early Frost Giant concept art for Thor shows what kind of scale for the giants Michael originally had in mind. Not only does Michael’s frost giant look, well … giant, it also has a more detailed design. This is certainly one of those moments when we wish the unused concept art had made it into the movie. The hands on this Frost Giant look tremendous making him a striking figure, indeed.


Charlie Wen Thor Thor

Charlie Wen is an established concept artist and art director for movies and video games. Over the span of five years as Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, Charlie worked on movies like The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. In 2016, Charlie founded his own global entertainment company.

His early Thor concept art differs considerably from the costume Thor wore in the movie. While Thor’s armor in the movie is mostly black and brown, this early design shows the God of Thunder in a very rich blue-gray armor with lots of decorative details. Well, one thing is certain, Thor definitely looks more God-like in this armor. However, given the extensive decorative design of the armor it might be just a tad too flashy.


Warren Manser Thor Loki

The very sinister-looking Loki you see above is the work of concept artist Warren Manser. Among all of the early concept art Warren released is also this amazing early design of Thor’s villainous half-brother and future Avengers villain Loki. When Tom Hiddleston brought Loki to the big screens, fans all over the world were immediately mesmerized by Thor’s mischievous half-brother.

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki most definitely has a certain sinister quality, making him arguably the best MCU villain thus far. However, we can’t help but admire Warren’s early Loki concept just as well. Donning the dark green costume with the long tunic, Warren’s Loki comes across as a very menacing character. Something about this costume design makes Loki look even more villainous. Definitely, a mighty piece of concept art.

So, which one of these amazing pieces of concept art did impress you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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