Wield Thor's Hammer Mjolnir with This Divine 3D Printer Blueprint

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Thor might be the only one mighty enough to wield Mjolnir, but now you can try and lift it for yourself -- if you’ve got a 3D printer, that is. A recently released blueprint for the fabled hammer makes it a snap to whip up one the most powerful weapons in comic book history.

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Courtesy of 3D printing guru Garrett Kearney, the hammer design is based off of the prop seen in Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” and can be downloaded from Thingiverse. Kearney is also the mind behind Chaos Core Tech, the 3D printing-focused YouTube channel that has featured printable designs like figures from “Wall-E” and “Super Meat Boy,” as well as other comic book-inspired weapon replicas, like Batman’s batarangs.

While Mjolnir is easy enough to replicate with Kearney’s design, the hammer’s comic book incarnation had a much more chaotic creation. Mjolnir’s forging is detailed in “Mighty Thor” Vol. 2 #12, in which a cosmic storm approaches Asgard.

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To save his people, Odin fought the storm itself, called the God Tempest, and won by trapping it in a chunk of Uru ore. He then ordered the Dwarves of Nidavellir to forge the ore, which demanded the heat of a star just to be smelted  and destroyed the star in the process). And thus, Mjolnir was born.

Thankfully, a 3D printed Mjolnir won’t eat any nearby stars (that we know of), but it will require a little extra work to get it looking as good as its movie counterpart.

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