Thor Searches for His One True Friend in Thor #11 Preview

If there's one Marvel hero who knows the value of friendship, it's Thor. The Odinson counts among his friends some truly honorable allies, but there's one he trusts above all else. Sadly, that friend, his mythic hammer Mjolnir, has been absent from the Asgardian's life for some time now, having been hurled into the heart of a star in a last-ditch effort to stop the Mangog. The plan worked, but Mjolnir seemingly perished in the star's flames.

A preview for Thor #11 reveals exactly how the God of Thunder has gone about searching for his lost hammer, and it sounds incredibly painful. Apparently, Thor has been plunging himself into said star in search of remnants of his hammer. It's an obsession that his mother, Freyja, has become increasingly concerned with. In the preview, she confronts her son and seemingly offers an answer to his conundrum.

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Freyja's intervention comes at the perfect time, as Malekith the Accursed has been ransacking the Ten Realms in the lead-up to The War of the Realms. Of course, all roads lead to Midgard, and with the Asgardians in dire straits of their own, the last realm left standing will need a protector and, hopefully, a reliable weapon for him to do battle with.

Thor #11 goes on sale Mar. 20. Jason Aaron writes the issue. Lee Garbett provides art. Mike Del Mundo pens the cover.

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