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thor memes

Thor has become one of the most popular members of The Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a huge accomplishment because he faced an uphill battle with two solo movies that many critics consider lesser MCU efforts. Also, his main villain is his half-brother Loki, unarguably the greatest villain in Marvel movies, and someone way more popular than his superhero brother. However, Chris Hemsworth made the character his own and delivered some great humor and a touch of lightness to his appearances in Avengers movies, as well as some fun short film appearances.

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This November, Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters, and early critical reviews indicate that it will massively exceed both earlier Thor movies in entertainment value. The trailers also make it look like Hemsworth is having the time of his life portraying Thor this time around. While the earlier films were not the best, they were ripe ground for people creating some of the Internet’s best memes about the God of Thunder and his supporting cast. Many of these memes get straight to the point, answering questions that many Thor fans have in creatively humorous manners, as well as touching on some other movies in Hemsworth’s growing Hollywood career. Here are 15 of the mightiest Thor memes.

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Thor Memes

Thor is a superhero but not in the same sense as other heroes in the Marvel and DC Comics universe. Sure, people know that Iron Man is Tony Stark and Steve Rogers is Captain America, but they are regular guys who don costumes and take on superhero names. Over in DC Comics, Superman is the opposite as he is closest to Thor, but he wears a costume to take on a fake civilian identity of Clark Kent and uses the codename Superman instead of his born name of Kal-El.

But Thor? Well, Thor is Thor. Sure, early in his comics career, he merged with a doctor named Donald Blake and took on both identities. Others merged with Thor as well over the years and most recently Jane Foster is active in the role. However, when it comes to the MCU, Thor is Thor, the Son of Odin and the God of Thunder. He has no mask hide behind.


Thor Memes

It’s no secret that Marvel’s Thor is a strong mix of Norse mythology and classic Shakespearian tragedy. Many of the characters are straight out of Norse myths but they were changed and mixed up somewhat to deliver a story that is very much a re-telling of Hamlet. Thor is the son of a king but when his brother grows jealous that everyone always overlooks him while favoring his brother, Loki chooses to betray Thor and Odin in hopes of stealing the throne.

In Hamlet, it is the king’s brother who commits the betrayal and then tries to take over the throne over the rightful heir of the king’s son Hamlet. That story was played out faithfully in The Lion King and there is a fun meme that shows a shot from The Lion King that looks exactly like the two brothers in Thor. This comparison can’t be a coincidence.


Thor memes

Of course, if there is one thing people love to point out when looking at the Thor movies, it is that Loki is – by far – the most popular character in the films, even more than his heroic brother. The films showed that Loki was someone who wanted to be good but his father overlooked and dismissed him so much that he had to take his fate in his hands.

With Loki so popular, he remains one of the most beloved villains in cinema and TV history. This meme approaches that idea – with both Darth Vader and Vegeta (Dragon Ball) listed as people’s choices as the only villains loved more than the heroes. When Loki says “that’s cute,” it proves this is one villain whose charisma and screen presence didn’t allow him to remain a pure villain for long.


Thor Danknorork: The 15 Mightiest Thor Memes

Chris Hemsworth is starting to come into his own in Hollywood, with appearances in the new Ghostbusters movie, a Ron Howard film, and his breakthrough as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, before he was a major Hollywood star, Thor had a small cameo role in one of the biggest film franchises in history. Hemsworth’s very first movie role was in J.J. Abram’s Star Trek reboot.

In that movie, Hemsworth had a small role, where he died at the start of the film, but it was a significant one. Hemsworth played George Kirk, the captain of the starship USS Kelvin and the father of future captain James T. Kirk. It is also funny to realize that the actor who played his son would go on to star in a superhero movie as well as Chris Pine played Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman.


Thor memes

Only those heroes deemed worthy can lift Mjolnir. The Avengers debated this in Avengers: Age of Ultron when the heroes – all worthy and heroic characters – took turns trying to raise the hammer of the God of Thunder. Of course, Iron Man had no chance. However, there was one very humorous moment where Captain America – the worthiest of all the Avengers – actually seemed to get Mjolnir to budge for a mere moment.

As a matter of fact, in the movie world, only Vision was able to lift the hammer and hand it to Thor. With that said, Spider-Man might be the most innocent of all the heroes in the MCU but he isn’t close to being worthy enough to lift the hammer. Thor has always seemed to have a sly sense of humor, so this meme of him tormenting Spider-Man fits his character perfectly.


Thor memes

When Captain America put together a team of heroes to battle Iron Man and his pro-registration squad of heroes, there was one significant member of The Avengers missing in Captain America: Civil War. That was, of course, Thor. Marvel attempted to take a stab at this with a humorous short film that showed Thor in Australia living with a dude named Darryl. There is even a scene where Thor and Bruce Banner are visiting, and Thor admits to waiting for a call to join the fight.

Of course, as Thor: Ragnarok shows, that is not the reason Thor was not in Civil War. However, this meme gives a humorous reason why Chris Hemsworth might not have been available to shoot the movie – as he was fighting in a very different type of war in another film.


Thor Danknorork: The 15 Mightiest Thor Memes

One of the funniest moments in the first Avengers movie was the relationship between the two alpha males in Thor and Hulk. One of the most complained about moments in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie concerned Batman and Superman both having a mother named Martha and that being the catalyst that brought them together as partners. However, when looking at names – there is one constant that connects the God of Thunder Thor and the God-like figure from Krypton Superman.

When Thor joined The Avengers, he seemed to always clash with The Hulk and usually ended up tossed around like a rag doll. When Superman wasn’t able to save everyone in Man of Steel, Batman came gunning for him and almost killed Superman before the “Martha” line. What do they have in common? Both Gods had their butts kicked by a guy named Bruce.


Thor Danknorork: The 15 Mightiest Thor Memes (Friday)

The main storyline of Captain America: Civil War had the two most prominent Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America fighting. The battle concerned the Sokovia Accords, which forced superheroes to register with the government and become government controlled weapons to ease the fear of more accidents happening – like the destruction of Sokovia.

Many heroes took Captain America’s side when he refused to sign it. Many other heroes look Iron Man’s side. Thor was nowhere in sight. For one thing, it didn’t matter to Thor since he did not live on Earth anyway. However, this meme shows that maybe Thor was the smartest of the three core Avengers because he doesn’t have any intentions of taking a side in the drama that has nothing to do with him.


Thor memes

Thor is the God of Thunder and next on the throne of Asgard. Loki is his adopted half-brother and is always overlooked and dismissed – to the point where he becomes a villain. With that said, Loki is also someone that people love – despite his villainy. No matter what dastardly things that Loki perpetrated in the two Thor movies and The Avengers, he seemed to gain more and more fans as the MCU wore on.

Now that Loki is returning in Thor: Ragnarok, he has solidly established himself as the most popular villain in the entire comic book world – as well as the most interesting. Thor started out shaky, with his first two movies on the lower end of the MCU scale according to many critics, but reviews indicate he is on top of his game in the new film. Despite that, Loki continues to steal his brother’s thunder, if not the throne of Asgard.


Thor memes

What memes list is complete without a pun – whether it is Laffy Taffy-styled or a “dad joke.” This meme heads to Asgard where Heimdall stands guard at the entrance of the Bifrost Bridge. Thor is trying to figure out how his brother Loki escaped and is questioning the warrior standing at the last line of defense to stop the God of Mischief before he reached the portal out of Asgard.

Of course, there are many reasons why Loki always seems to slip by unnoticed, but this meme basically reveals the underlying theme. Loki is a very sly God and is always able to sneak past guards and other Gods by remaining as “low-key” as possible. That might fall more in line with the Laffy Taffy jokes as a cringe-worthy pun on words.


Thor memes

The most prominent complaint in the never-ending war between Marvel Comics fans and those who follow DC Comics is the portrayal of the heroes. The fans of DC Comics love the fact that their heroes are Gods, with each member of the Justice League patterned after a God in Greek mythology and some of them with God-like powers, especially Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman. In Marvel, the heroes are all very human-like, with their abilities never really helping ease their problems in regular life.

However, in the DC Comics world, while Batman is based on Hades, he is still just a rich guy with a cape and cowl. In the Marvel Comics world, they have an actual God as a member of The Avengers. It is proof there are exceptions to every rule.


Thor Danknorork: The 15 Mightiest Thor Memes

Heimdall is the god who guards the Bifrost Bridge, the one portal that will allow people into and out of Asgard. However, regardless of which movie he appears in, Heimdall seems completely inept at his one purpose in life. Heimdall is also all-seeing and all-knowing but can’t seem to keep people from crossing over to other worlds – or returning to Asgard uninvited.

In Thor, Heimdall committed treason by allowing the Warriors Three to return Thor to Asgard to battle Loki. He allowed Thor to destroy Malekith to protect all the Realms, once again refusing to obey his duties as the guard of the Bifrost Bridge. He was also unable to stop the Frost Giants from stealing items from Odin’s vault. It seems that Heimdall is really, really bad at his job.


Thor Danknorork: The 15 Mightiest Thor Memes

Thor has impressive powers and showed in Thor: The Dark World that he can do more than just use Mjolnir to summon lightning and help him fly. He will need all the powers he can muster based on the trailers for the new film, Thor: Ragnarok, since Mjolnir is not going to last much longer (at least for right now). However, there were a number of funny moments with the Asgardian weapon.

As Age of Ultron showed, there is still no one (other than Vision) worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, not even Captain America. However, it is very loyal to Thor, who has proven he can summon it, no matter how far away it is. If only we had that power over our lost car keys.


Thor Danknorork: The 15 Mightiest Thor Memes

It is very amusing to consider this next meme when looking at the actors playing the Asgardians in Thor. Anthony Hopkins, a distinguished actor from Wales in the United Kingdom, portrays Odin. Tom Hiddleston plays Loki, and that actor is from London. Both have great European accents and fit the roles well. The funny thing is that Loki was adopted in the movie while Thor was the real son of Odin.

Thor? Chris Hemsworth is from Australia and his accent is much more Australian than European. Despite that, Thor is the natural born next King and not Loki. It’s no wonder Loki is so annoyed at the entire situation. Of course, Rene Russo (Frigga) is from California, so maybe that is where Thor gets his strange accent.


Thor memes

While it has nothing to do with the movies, in the Marvel Comics version of Thor, Odinson gave up his role as Thor and soon a new version appeared. In one of the more controversial moves in Marvel Comics, they chose to make Thor into a mysterious female character – one that later proved to be none other than Jane Foster. Don’t worry, the Jane Foster in the comics is much better than the version from the films.

However, this brings up a funny thought – and meme. Disney owns Marvel Comics. Odin is the King of Asgard. Thor is Odin’s son and the future king and ruler of his father’s kingdom. Since the new Thor is now a female, does that technically make Thor the newest Disney Princess?

What are some of your favorite Thor memes? Let us know in the comments!

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