Thor Meets the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange Featurette

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What happens when the actors who play two of the most supernaturally powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe meet? Giggling, apparently.

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God of Thunder meets Sorcerer Supreme. Bring home #DoctorStrange tomorrow on Digital HD. pic.twitter.com/OLcc7Z2w0B

— Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) February 13, 2017

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Chris Hemsworth has shared on Twitter a behind-the-scenes look at the end tag that showed up after screenings of “Doctor Strange,” in which the Sorcerer Supreme meets with Thor to offer his assistance in dealing with Loki and finding Odin. The video includes an interview with Stephen Broussard, executive producer on “Doctor Strange,” and is meant to act as an advertisement for the film’s upcoming digital release.

The video reveals several facts about the end tags that have come to define the Marvel Cinematic Universe theater experience, including the lack of scripting for said sequences. According to Broussard, the films’ creative teams rarely script the tags in advance, and the production team rarely knows what the tags themselves will be when they start shooting. In the case of “Doctor Strange,” the team only started planning the end tag late into shooting once the “Thor: Ragnarok” script started coming together.

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Another interesting detail from the video is that, while Chris Hemsworth and Benedict Cumberbatch had likely not met prior to filming the end tag, they apparently got along great and are incredibly funny together. If nothing else, that bodes well for “Thor: Ragnorak,” in which Hemsworth and Cumberbatch will likely share a decent amount of screen time with the decidedly nonverbal Hulk.

“Doctor Strange” will be available for purchase digitally on February 14.

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