Who Will Be Valkyrie's Queen in Thor: Love and Thunder?


Thor: Love and Thunder looks set to be another landmark film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, it's the fourth Thor film, which is reason enough to be excited, but for fans in the LGBTQA community, this one represents something a little more. This film is, in part, Valkyrie's quest to find a queen. While it is confirmed an LGBTQA character will be making an appearance in Eternals, Valkyrie is in many ways the first queer superhero in a film.

So, who will be the lucky lady she takes to be her queen? Who in the galaxy is worthy enough to sit beside her on the throne of Asgard? We have a few candidates -- some logical, some wild and some out of left field entirely. But all of them are worthy to be Valkyrie's queen.

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Jane Foster

Jane Foster Thor

Jane Foster is set to return, taking her spot as the Mighty Thor, offering some competition to her ex, Thor Odinson. But while Natalie Portman's character will be going through some already remarkable changes (what with the whole phenomenal cosmic power thing), there may be another element introduced.

What if Jane is bisexual? And what if she and Valkyrie end up an item?

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Jane eventually becomes a Valkyrie herself in the comics, so it's highly possible that she might join the Valkyries herself eventually, especially if she is dying of cancer, as in the original storyline. It would also offer some pretty funny drama if Thor and Valkyrie are hoping to woo the same character, with Valkyrie no doubt being the far smoother and charming of the two while Thor mangles up everything, especially given the two's rough history.

Carol Danvers

captain marvel carol danvers

Carol Danvers is not scheduled for an appearance in Phase Four. Captain Marvel 2, while announced, will be a part of Phase Five. But a little cameo from Danvers might not be out of the question, given how Thor: Love and Thunder will be a cosmic story exploring the greater Marvel Universe.

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Compounding this is the huge fan campaign to ship Danvers and Valkyrie. Included among the shippers are Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson, the actors who play said characters.

It is not out of the question for Thor: Love and Thunder to make this ship sail into canon. Or, at the very least, present Valkyrie and Carol developing some friendship that spans the stars.

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After all, Carol did seem to have a very close relationship with Maria Rambeau. Perhaps the two were just friends, or perhaps there was some flame there, indicating that Carol might not be straight.

Of course, making Carol Queen of Asgard might ultimately fail. Carol is out defending the whole of the cosmos, after all. She can't stay queen of one nation when she has countless planets to defend. Still, a romance between the two wouldn't be out of the question.

Lady Sif

Lady Sif is still out there in the universe. While most of Asgard was obliterated, it would appear that Sif was not. It is possible that Sif might reappear in Thor: Love and Thunder.

If so, will Valkyrie make her Queen of Asgard?

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It is certainly a possibility, and one that might leave the door open for Jane and Thor to reunite, should that even be a possibility at this point. It would also be a good chance to bring Sif back to Asgard's fold after her long hiatus following her appearances in Thor: The Dark World and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Monica Rambeau

More of a long shot, but Monica Rambeau will be reintroduced as an adult in WandaVision. If Marvel hopes to make WandaVision tie into the greater MCU even further, why not have Monica Rambeau arrive and sweep Valkyrie off her feet?

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The idea does make some sense. Monica does seek to be a hero in her own right, and what better way to match her Auntie Carol than to become Queen of Asgard? Of course, this is a very far-fetched idea, seeing as how there is basically no ties between Asgard and Monica as of now.

But that might change deeper into Phase Four.


Yes. Queen Loki. You read that right.

Loki in the comics is gender-fluid, frequently going from male to female and back again. While it might seem odd for Valkyrie to date Loki, it isn't out of the question, especially if the Loki we see in Thor: Love and Thunder is the dimension-hopping Loki from Avengers: Endgame and the Loki Disney+ series.

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At the very least, would it really shock you if Loki attempted to seduce Valkyrie to rule over Asgard? Is that so far-fetched? Of course Loki would try to pull something like that to rule. Would Valkyrie end up making Loki her queen? Probably not, but it is a delightfully gay scenario to say the least.


This is arguably the most out there option imaginable. Storm has yet to appear in any capacity in the MCU. There is even the possibility she might play a role in Black Panther 2. But what if Valkyrie searched more earthbound for her queen? What if she tried to seduce another God of Thunder, so to speak?

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Valkyrie pursuing Storm would be one of the most fascinating options to go with, as it would serve to introduce one of the most iconic mutants of a time. How incredible would it be for Valkyrie to introduce her new wife: Storm?

It's a long shot, but it would certainly open the door for a lot of interesting stories.

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