Thor, Heroes, The Dark Knight Returns: September 10th Comic Reel


A story at IESB claims that director DJ Caruso is being considered to bring Asgard to Earth. "I have had some talks with Marvel about it but I have not seen a screenplay. It could be something that I am interested in," Caruso said. "I was always a fan of Thor growing up as a kid. I know that they [Marvel] have a script, but there's something, there's a fear I have about Thor and depending on what Thor story you want to tell, whether you want to bring Thor into the modern world or if you want to go back to Asgard and get the history of what's happening between him and his brother and dad. That's one I've always been interested in and it also would be, it would be a monumental task so, I could definitely see myself getting myself into that."


CBR News talked to creator Tim Kring about the new season called "Villains."

Speaking of, Herosite had some words with actor William Katt (formerly known as Ralph Hinkley on "The Greatest American Hero") about his role on this season's second episode, airing September 22nd.


Debunked! Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman told MTV that he's not going to play Oswald Cobblepot. "No one has talked to me about it ever -- never," Hoffman said. "It happened, like, five years ago, too. It was a rumor back then and it's still a rumor. [laughs] It's just in the press. It's funny. I think I'm more interested in seeing someone else do it. I don't know if I'd be a good Penguin to be quite honest."


Sticking with Gotham City for a moment, World's Finest has an updated character roster for all of the season's team ups, including the villains they will face. Really? Kite Man? Wow.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer/director Barry Sonnenfeld will introduce a superhero-themed family show for ABC with feature writer Peter Steinfeld and Dee Steinfeld. "It is a metaphor of what it is like to be a supermom and overworked dad in modern times," Sonnenfeld said.


Getting back to the William Katt genre, classic TV icon Stephen J. Cannell is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about the movie adaption of Katt's most famous role. "We've written a screenplay, and we've hired a director, and we're in the midst of putting this together for the future," Cannell said. The director is rumored to be Stephen Herek, but Cannell did not confirm that. Additionally, there are plans for a series of four-minute animated Web shorts, voiced by actors Katt, Robert Culp and Connie Sellecca.


Live action? CGI? A story at MTV says "both."


Creator Mark Millar has been posting on his message boards again, again about the start of filming. "Nothing-- I mean nothing-- can prepare you for Nic and Chloe as Big Daddy and Hit-Girl," Millar wrote. "As I said to Nic after the first scene was shot on Saturday morning, this is a movie about comic-book guys MADE by comic-book guys. We are absolutely in our comfort zone here and doing something really special. Cage's eyes just gleamed. He said it's the most excited he's been by a role in a long time."

There's set photos at The Bad and Ugly.


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