God Butcher: Thor's Deadliest Foe Explains How (and Why) He Was Resurrected

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for King Thor #2 by Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, Ive Svorcina and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale now.

Things seemed pretty open and shut for Gorr the God Butcher when last he faced off against the Mighty Thor, but in King Thor #2 the villain makes a return. More powerful than ever, Gorr poses a galactic threat even in the future-setting of King Thor's largely dying universe. It's hard to imagine how he could possibly be defeated, especially when looking back at what it took to "kill" him the first time around.

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King Thor is as surprised as anyone to see Gorr's return at the end of the last issue. At the start of King Thor #2, he recounts how he watched Gorr's corpse reduced to ash before personally throwing the entire planet Gorr was on into a black hole. As far as surefire ways to kill someone, that one seems pretty airtight. But obviously it didn't take.

However, Gorr's weapon, the All-Black/Necrosword, survived in the black hole's depths and went on to wreak intergalactic havoc ever since. Even after leaving Gorr's hands its found other wielders in Galactus, Ego the Living Planet and most recently the God of Mischief himself, Loki. It was in Loki's hands that so much devastation was wrought despite Thor's best efforts, and it was in those same hands that Gorr himself returned.

Gorr explains that since he was bonded to the weapon for thousands of years he fused with it in such a way that the weapon's survival guarantees his own. He describes how his time locked within the weapon, an endless void of darkness devoid of anything else, actually made him happy. As one can guess, Gorr the God Butcher really isn't a big fan of gods, and in the endless expanse of nothingness in the All-Black's necroworld he finally enjoyed a temporary respite from their interference.

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He's back, however, and there are still a few gods left to kill. Most notably there is still King Thor and his brother Loki both remaining, even after most other gods in the universe were slain. Gorr continues his solemn dedication towards ending the lives of all gods in existence and shortly after his return, enters into combat with Thor. It is during that fight he details his plans for the future, plans which make him possibly one of the worst villains the Marvel Universe has ever seen.

After extinguishing all other life, Gorr explains that he plans on creating new life of his own and raising it in isolation without any conception of godhood. He plans to instil within them a since of independence free from gods, but doesn't seem to question how that new life may view him as their creator and omnipotent overseer.

Gorr's dedication to eradicating godhood seems ironically unable to look in a mirror, and as of his most recent incarnation he is even titled the "God of God Butchers," without recognition of the difficulty in holding that title for very long.

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Given the drastically evil nature of his plans, King Thor isn't about to let any of this happen. In a temporary alliance with Loki, who wants Thor's death only at his own hands, the two god brothers resist Gorr as best they can. Unfortunately, their best does not quite seem to be enough. Gorr unleashes the All-Black's truest form, the Anihilablade, destroying planets and shrugs off the supernovas King Thor throws at him.

The issue ends with the two brothers consumed by Gorr's darkness, literally drowning in it, and it's hard to say how they could possibly make a comeback against such an unparalleled force of evil.

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