Remember Iron Man's House Party Protocol? Well, Now Thor Has One, Too

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Thor #1 by Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo and Christian Ward, in stores now.

One of the most memorable scenes in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie came near the end of Iron Man 3, when an armorless Tony Stark summoned an entire legion of Iron Man suits -- a tactic called the House Party Protocol -- to help him battle Aldrich Killian and his Extremis soldiers. The fleet arrived at the eleventh hour, dispatched remotely by JARVIS. Once they arrived, Stark hopped from suit to suit, using every single one in his fight against the "Mandarin" and his allies. The scene became a signature moment for Tony Stark, and remains the most epic solo fight scene the Armored Avenger has had on the big screen.

Well, five years later, the God of Thunder has received his very own version of the House Party Protocol in the comic books -- and as you'd expect from Thor, it's just as epic.

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In Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo and Christian Ward's new series, the title kicks off with the Odinson attempting to retrieve an ancient artifact known as the Warlock's Eye from a tribe of demon-worshiping cannibals who just so happen to have a Juggernaut in their corner. While the powerful X-Men villain would be a challenging fight for Thor on any day, the Odinson is not exactly at his full power right now. Not only is he not currently worthy of wielding Mjolnir, the God of Thunder's powerful hammer no longer exists, having recently been destroyed after being hurled into the sun.

Thor hammers House Party Protocol

But Thor is still armed, thanks to the Dwarven smith Screwbeard, who made him a new hammer. However, this hammer is no Mjolnir, and it shatters on impact the first time it connects with Juggernaut's head. The villain then easily gains the upper hand and starts pummeling the God of Thunder. Now finding himself without any weapons, Thor has no other option: He orders Screwbeard to send him all the hammers the Dwarf has made in their attempts to replace Mjolnir.

And it is a lot of hammers. Dozens of the fall from the sky like raindrops in a thunder storm, and Thor uses every single one to defeat the Juggernaut and his cannibal friends. We later learn that much like Stark, whose suits were all destroyed in his fight against Killian, none of Thor's new hammers survived his fight Juggernaut, save for one he uses to return to his home base.

Thor #1 doesn't give the protocol a name, but its inspiration is clear. In both cases, the hero won thanks to a House Party Protocol that brought down all the possible weapons they could muster from the sky.

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