Thor: God of Thunder #3

Story by
Art by
Esad Ribic
Colors by
Ive Svorcina
Letters by
Joe Sabino
Cover by
Marvel Comics

"Thor: God of Thunder" #3 is a glorious addition to what is certainly the best Marvel NOW! book so far. This issue from Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic spans three timelines and isn't afraid to jump around and make you work for your knowledge on each page. The last issue was the introductory fight between Thor and the God Butcher and so narrative style demands this issue be the montage of Thor researching and preparing for the next encounter. As far as this brief is concerned, Aaron and Ribic meet it and make it quite simply fantastic.

It is inspiring to see Aaron structure this tale in such a way that a great deal of the onus is placed on the reader to keep up. There are captions for setting and time delivered, and visual cues as to which Thor is on the page, but mostly the book chops around and demands you keep up. Aaron drops knowledge through explicit captions of information and discrete dialogue across time that obviously holds some clues as to what came before. This isn't a spoon-fed superhero comic, this is a grand tapestry of murder, deified honor and anger.

Jason Aaron understands the scope in which Thor needs to be presented. While the stranger in a strange land moments can be fun, Thor is a God who spans insane amounts of space and time. Aaron crafts a tale that constantly takes advantage of its massive scope, whether it's through setting or snippets of dialogue. Everything in this book works toward pushing its boundaries and amazing the reader. It is nice to see someone able to play with this operatic world and nail it in tone and words consistently.

Esad Ribic is the perfect collaborator to bring these words and scenes to life. If deadlines become an issue, Marvel needs to know I would rather wait for Ribic to catch up rather than have a fill in. Ribic understands how to showcase the expanse of these ideas and worlds while also still displaying all the Thors as the heart of this tale. The colors from Ive Svorcina mute the pages which works to make the tale feel aged and regal. This comic looks amazing with art brilliantly matched to the subject.

"Thor: God of Thunder" #3 continues this fantastic Thor story in style. The three Thors all address this problem of the God Butcher in their own way. Aaron structures this issue to build a mystery and intrigue the audience and brings a set of bridging moments leading to what comes next, but not one page feels like filler. Aaron and Ribic ensure an epic and savage tale. The final page certainly leaves me needing to know what comes next. A great superhero comic with grand scope that still works as a serialized installment: yes, please.

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