Thor First Look Reunites God of Thunder with Loki and The Avengers

Writer Donny Cates has shared preview art by Nic Klein for Marvel's Thor relaunch. The pages were first released Friday during Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel at New York Comic-Con.

Cates shared the preview pages on his Twitter account with the caption, "Here’s those pages for THOR #1 from @NicKlein and @COLORnMATT we showed off at the panel! Enjoy!"

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The first of Klein's pages reunites the God of Thunder with his scheming brother, Loki. Next is a fight scene with Thor working alongside his teammates on The Avengers to defeat a large monster. The final page appears to take place on Asgard, with two black crows bringing Thor his red cape right before he sits on a throne at the base of the World Tree.

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"I’m incredibly excited and honored to be working on this with Donny,” Klein said in a statement. “Thor is one of my favorite comic book characters so I really tried to up my game to do Thor and all of Asgard justice.”

“In all my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined a world in which I was worthy of writing Thor,” Cates added. “From Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, all the way to the legendary run I am so foolishly following by the great Jason Aaron, it is beyond an honor to enter the golden halls of Asgard, and to pave the path (Far beyond the fields we know...) for the Thunder God himself. Know that you will have my best, true believers. For all of you. For Asgard. Forever.”

Thor #1 by Donny Cates, Nic Klein and Matt Wilson begins in 2020.

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