The 10 Fiercest Females From Asgard

Asgard is known for its fearsome, muscle-bound warriors. Between Thor, Odin, Skurge, Heimdal and the Warriors Three, there is no shortage of muscle-bound males to choose from.

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But the halls of Valhalla aren't just filled with men who have fallen in battle, but women as well. Over the past several decades, many female Asgardians have also proved themselves on the battlefield. While they may not always get pushed into the spotlight, Asgard's women should not be taken lightly and are more than capable of challenging the likes of Thor or Loki.

Here are the top ten fiercest females from Asgard.

10 Jane Foster

The only reason Jane isn't higher on this list is mainly due to the fact that she is not truly an Asgardian. The longtime human love interest of Thor, Jane had proven herself time and time again with acts of courage and displays of her big heart.

We all knew she was worthy and so did Mjolnir. After her long tenure as Thor, Jane succumbed to her cancer, which was actually worsened due to Jane's time using Thor's famous hammer. Impressed with her strength, Odin resurrected her. Although no longer possessing the power of Thor, Jane now serves as a member of the Valkyrie.

9 Lorelei

The sister of Amora the Enchantress, Lorelei has many tricks up her sleeve. Much like her sister, Lorelei is very beautiful and uses this to her advantage.  In addition to her mystical powers of seduction, Lorelei has command of many other magics, making her a dangerous sorceress.

She has shown to be able to use her mystical powers to dangerous effect. Although she used to be weaker, Lorelei is now even more powerful than her sister. While she arguably hasn't developed her mystical abilities to the fullest extent of their potential, Lorelei is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with.

8 Frigga


Queen of Asgard and step-mother of Thor, Frigga is a staple in Asgardian lore. Although Odin tends to make most of the decisions due to his status as the all-father, Frigga does not play second fiddle either. She isn't afraid to stand up to her all-powerful husband and tell him what's what.

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In addition to her high position and authority, Frigga is also a skilled fighter, endowed with all the strength of a typical Asgardian. Few can match her in battle.

7 Amora the Enchantress


One of the most prominent Asgardian villains, Amora has made quite a name for herself in Thor comics. Over the years she has proven to be one of his most powerful enemies. She is also one of the only Thor enemies not to make it into the MCU, although that is sure to change soon enough.

A skilled fighter and sorceress, Enchantress can use her abilities to fire mystical bolts of energy or to seduce any man to do her bidding. There is no doubt she's quite a fierce Asgardian.

6 Hildegarde


An Asgardian Valkyrie with incredible strength, Hildegarde is one of the strongest warriors in all of Asgard. She is one of the first warriors Odin chooses to go on missions of importance.

Hildegarde has not only spent many years defending the throne of Asgard, but she has also fought across the nine realms in service of it. She's even found herself on Earth, partnering up with the mighty Thor for many other adventures.

5 Lady Loki

Due to the mystical nature of the Asgardian world, Loki has been reincarnated several times. One of these times, he came back in the form of a woman. This Lady Loki was just as villainous as her male counterpart and found herself working with Doctor Doom in some of his mischievous schemes.

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Although this is what everyone believed, it was yet another deception of the God of Mischief. In reality, Loki had retained his original form and was using magic to hide within Lady Sif's body. Albeit not truly a woman, this iteration of the character is a fan favorite, and many female fans hope we get the real thing someday.

4 Hela

Goddess of Death. Queen of Hel. Hela is the most dangerous Asgardian villainess. She has long been one of the most powerful enemies of Asgard as well. Her one goal is to not just rule over the dead in Hel, but also rule over the dead in Vahalla.

Endowed with many fantastic physical and mystical abilities, Hela is also a very skilled swordsman. You don't want to be caught by her while she wields her Nightsword. Hela is also a powerful magic user, one powerful enough to even dispatch immortal beings.

3 Sif

WW Ripoffs Sif

One of Thor's greatest allies, Sif has proven herself one of the deadliest warriors in all of Asgard. She worked all of her life to be the greatest Asgardian warrior, and eventually achieved her goal.

A frequent love interest of Thor, this maiden doesn't exactly need his saving. In fact, she has saved him a few times. Played by Jaimie Alexander in the MCU, we hope to see this character return again to the movies.

2 Angela


The long lost child of Odin, Angela was taken as a child to the secret tenth realm, Heven. Trained from the time she was a small child, Angela is now the fiercest warrior among the Angels. For a brief period, she was also a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

With her flight, super speed and incredible super strength, Angela's powers are on par with her brother Thor. A true child of Odin indeed.

1 Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)

The leader of the Valkyrior and the fiercest warrior in Asgard, Valkyrie will always be the number one female fighter in Asgard. Whether using her trusty spear or her sword Dragonfang, she dispatches of her enemies with great ease.

Odin chose Brunnhilde as the leader of the Valkyrior for a reason. Her persistence and skillful focus make her a dangerous enemy. Few warriors in the whole Marvel universe can hope to match her.

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