Danknarok: 25 Hilarious Thor Family Memes

Thor's family is obviously very complicated. His adopted brother Loki went rogue, joined the Mad Titan Thanos, almost destroyed the Earth while taking countless lives in the process, and all because he wanted nothing more but to become the next king of Asgard. Up until very recently, neither Thor nor Loki were aware of the fact that they also had an older sister, Hela. Hela, who is the Goddess of Death, who showed no mercy in her conquest of the Nine Realms, and who came back from Hel to wreak havoc once more which resulted in the destruction of Asgard. And let us not forget the man who made all of this possible, the one and only, our beloved king Odin Borson.

Honestly, half of the drama, chaos and tragedy could have been avoided had this man picked up a book or two on parenting and actually cared to raise decent individuals. Instead, he made his first-born into a bloodthirsty and power-hungry monster, his adopted son into an insecure vengeful mischief-maker with daddy issues, while focusing all his attention solely on his boastful and somewhat entitled biological son. Naturally, fans of the God of Thunder made countless hilarious memes about this dysfunctional family and we have the best ones.

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Loki Hela Like Brother Like Sister
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Loki Hela Like Brother Like Sister

No matter which way you look at it, Thor and Loki are polar opposites. Thor has blond hair, blue eyes, and a beard, while Loki’s hair is black, eyes green, and he’s clean-shaven. Thor is hot-tempered but also goodhearted, responsible, and noble. On the other hand, his mischievous brother is hot-tempered but with no disciple and responsibility. Even their clothes are in complete contrast -- Thor preferring red, and Loki draped in green.

That being said, Loki and his adopted sister Hela, do indeed have a lot in common. Not only do they have a similar style in clothing and head accessories, Loki and Hela have rather similar personalities. Both are, at the core, villains with little to no regard for the mayhem they cause. The above meme captures their likeness in a simple and hilarious way.


Thor Loki Jokes

The humorous use of a word in a way that suggests two or more of its meanings or the meaning of a similar sounding word, also known as a pun, is becoming increasingly popular. Today, puns are everywhere and in all shapes and sizes. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Yondu opens the capsule expecting to find an Infinity Stone, but instead he’s met with a Troll Doll. And almost every line Captain Cold’s ever uttered in the Arrowverse is a pun.

However, humanity is not the only kind that’s become infatuated with puns. Asgardian brothers, Thor and Loki, also enjoy a good pun. As long as it’s not made at their expense that is. But seriously, with a name like Loki, you can’t honestly expect people not to make puns.


Thor Loki and His Brother

Let’s get one thing out of the way, both Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are extremely attractive men, which goes for their respective characters in the MCU as well. Although, both brothers and the actors who play them are incredibly popular, it does seem like the God of Mischief has a somewhat larger fanbase. Ever since this sibling duo debuted the fans have been divided into two camps: team Loki and team Thor.

Depending on whom you ask, you’ll get the answer that either Loki or Thor is the most popular of the two brothers. It’s the whole Dean vs. Sam, Damon vs. Stefan, Lucas vs. Nathan mania all over again. Loki, of course, believes he’s the more popular and important one and he’s thought of a more accurate title for his bro’s movie.


Thor Accents

A lot has been said about the accent Chris Hemsworth uses when playing the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor. Many people are arguing that despite his best efforts to imitate an RP accent, Hemsworth still sounds unmistakably Australian. On the other hand, his British co-stars Hopkins and Hiddleston, as well as American actress Rene Russo who portrays Frigga, sound British.

There have been various speculations about what could possibly be the reason behind this, other than the fact that Hemsworth can’t quite pull off an RP accent. This meme seems to question the fact that even though Thor's accent is different, Loki is still the adopted one. But come on guys, it could be that Thor spent years studying abroad and just picked up a different accent. It happens.


Thor I Am Your Sister Hela

Hela’s arrival on Earth was a spectacle for sure. Thor and Loki’s reactions to meeting their long-lost evil sister were absolutely priceless. In a fantastic scene set on the gorgeous coast of Norway, the three siblings exchange banter, Hela breaks her brother's hammer as if it were a plastic toy, and then she takes her leave. It was truly one of the best scenes in an already amazing movie. Well, any scene with Hela in it was one of the best actually, but let's stay on track.

While Hela's introduction was awesome, someone has found a way to make it even better. And what better way to do just that than by framing Hela's confession in what is possibly the greatest reveal scene of all-time.


Odin Loki King

When it comes to parents playing favorites, Odin is in a league of his own. Not only did he pretty much ditch one of his children into the depths of Hel, he neglected his adopted son to the point that the poor kid turned into a supervillain. Due to the way he treated his two sons and the kind of relationship he indirectly encouraged them to have, the two grew to become enemies.

And on top of that, Odin had the audacity to be offended by Loki’s betrayal and appalled by the animosity that had developed between the brothers. Even though, he was the one promising both Thor and Loki an equal chance at the throne, although he always knew Loki wasn’t born to be king of Asgard. How very diabolical.


Thor Loki This Brother

We all remember that hilarious diner scene from the first Thor movie when the God of Thunder, upon discovering the delights of coffee, smashed the mug on the floor proclaiming that he’d like another drink and, well, you know how these things go. If a scene is popular, it will inevitably be turned into a meme. But this scene also got people thinking whether it was customary for Thor to give the same treatment to everything else he likes. For example, his brother Loki.

Obviously, Thor wasn’t thinking about the possibility of actually getting another brother. While he did not get another Loki per se, he did get an even more nefarious sister. So, perhaps it’s high time Thor put an end to this dangerous practice.


Thor Loki Hela Mantis Siblings

So far poor Thor hasn’t had the best of luck with siblings. His adopted brother Loki has been a thorn in his eye his entire life. The animosity between them grew so strong that their sibling rivalry almost led to the destruction of the Earth. However, Thor’s older sister Hela proved to be an even bigger threat than Loki. In the forgotten Asgardian past, she had helped Odin take control over the Nine Realms and was absolutely merciless in her efforts. Once she was released from Hel, the Goddess of Death brought nothing but destruction.

But aside from being evil, Loki and Hela have other similarities, such as black hair, green clothes and pointy hats. Given what Thor’s been through, it’s hard to blame him for being a little bit paranoid upon meeting Mantis.


Odin Frigga Thor Loki Hair Color

Alright, if soap operas have taught us anything, it's that having different hair color than your parents and siblings is a clear sign you're adopted. Which is why we can’t help but wonder how come Loki didn't figure out he was adopted way sooner, given that he shares no physical traits with the rest of his family whatsoever. The first and most obvious deviation being the hair color.

Frigga’s hair is blonde, as is Thor’s and presumably Odin’s too. Yet, Loki’s hair is raven-black. It’s as if he was purposefully made to look nothing like the rest of his adopted family by someone with a twisted sense of humor. Or, perhaps, Loki was made to look this way in order to resemble Hela. After all, it’s hard to deny that these two share a lot of physical traits.


Thor Loki Hela Neck

Almost every family has at least one weird tradition, or habit that to any outsider looks completely insane. While for most normal families this includes eating cereals with yogurt, cracking stupid in-jokes and silly stuff like that, Thor’s family has a more unusual and violent habit. Namely, grabbing people, preferably one of your siblings, by the neck.

Siblings playing roughhouse is nothing uncommon. Everyone who has a brother or sister has engaged in some utterly unnecessary physical confrontations for no other reason than to pass the time and show strength. However, Odin’s children seem to have developed an interesting habit out of these sparring sessions. As evidenced by the meme, this is a family that can’t resist grabbing people by the neck. A weird fascination indeed.


Odin Book

Ever since the first Thor movie, it was obvious that Odin Allfather, despite what his name might suggest, is in fact a horrible father. Even if we assume that his intentions were somewhat benevolent when he adopted Loki, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that for most of Loki’s life Odin has gravely mistreated him.

When Odin adopted Loki, his plan was for Loki to one day rule as the king of the Frost Giants in order to ensure peace. Odin had always openly preferred his biological son Thor, who was to be the king of Asgard, even though Odin still reassured Loki he had a chance at the throne. In the end, Loki was nothing more than a tool for Odin, whose mistreatment made Loki feel worthless. And as if that wasn't enough, he's now publishing a book on his parenting skills.


Thor Loki Hela Odd One Out

Thor: Ragnarok was eye-opening in so many different ways. We got to see new layers to characters such as Thor, Loki, Odin and Bruce Banner. We finally discovered the true history of Asgard in all of its blood and gore. And we were introduced to Odin’s first offspring, the villainous Hela, who had been imprisoned in Hel for millennia. Portrayed by the amazing Cate Blanchett, Hela was an interesting villain and a real scene-stealer.

On top of that, she also made us realize something very important. All of this time we’ve been operating under the false assumption that Loki was the odd one out. However, once Hela made her entrance, it became evident that Thor is the one who deviates from his other two siblings. Are we sure Thor isn’t the one who’s adopted?


Thor Loki Awkward

Reuniting with your family for a holiday dinner can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re not exactly on the best terms with your siblings. And it will go from bad to worse in a matter of seconds if, by chance, you and that sibling you have a problem with are the first to arrive – which, by the way, does not smell of conspiracy at all. So, unless one of you is willing to swallow their pride, odds are you’re gonna sit in awkward silence until someone comes to rescue you from your misery.

Odin’s sons appear to be in a similar pickle. We’re gonna go out on a limb and assume their dear old dad has for some reason summoned them to a diner, and now he’s stuck in traffic, while his sons stare at their phones like a couple of millenials.


Odin Loki Supportive Father

The final battle between the two brothers in Thor is truly heartbreaking. Thor and Loki face off in a battle at the Bridge, which Thor smashes with his hammer causing the entire structure to collapse. Both brothers are then sent flying into the abyss but worry not because good old dad is there to catch them. Odin grabs Thor’s leg, while Loki holds on to the Scepter held by his brother.

As the brothers’ lives hang in the balance, Loki looks up at his father to tell him that, even though he never believed in him, he could have done it, he could have been king. And what does he get from his dad? A response that still sends shivers down our spines: no. And if this proves anything, it’s that Odin was always the real villain.


Thor Hela Loki Adoption

Seriously guys, are we absolutely sure Thor is the adopted one? Let’s just pause for a moment and consider all the things we know about these three fascinating siblings. The hilarious meme featured above pretty much does our work for us. First of all, the hair color. Unlike his villainous brother and sister, Thor’s hair is blonde. Second of all, when it comes to clothing, Loki and Hela are once more in sync. Both obviously have a preference for black and green, while Thor seems to be fond of red.

Last but not least, Thor shed his helmet back in the first movie, but his brother and sister still insist on wearing their head accessories. More importantly, both Loki and Hela opted for very pointy helmets that look like horns. Now, if all of this doesn’t convince you that Thor was adopted, we don’t know what will.


Odin Parenting

First off, to whoever made this meme, bless your heart. Odin’s parenting techniques have been discussed at length by now. From the horrible way he treated Loki, driving him to become a resentful, bitter man and ally himself with the likes of Thanos; to the even worse way he treated his daughter Hela, whom he imprisoned in Hel and wrote out of all Asgard’s history. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Odin has been at this game for millennia and he’s got some very useful advice for young parents all across the universe.

So, if your aspiration in life is to be the kind of parent Odin was, we have found just what you need. In the latest issue of Parenting, the king of Asgard opens up about the parenting techniques that helped him raise three dysfunctional children.


Thor Loki Bieng Brothers

Anyone who has siblings knows that while you love them dearly, sometimes you just want to beat them with a stick until they admit that you’re right, or until they return your toy, or until -- well, you get the picture. But, even though siblings fight and argue over insignificant things, when push comes to shove they're gonna stand on the same side. Naturally, these shifts can happen out of the blue and in a matter of seconds.

As far as Thor and Loki go, they’re not always on the same side. In fact, one could even argue that they’re not ever on the same side, which would be an overstatement. While Loki may have had a hidden agenda in Thor: Ragnarok, he did help his brother fight Hela and save what could be saved from the destroyed Asgard. Despite the fact that Thor put a taser on him recently.


The Thor Siblings In a Nutshell

The Asgardian family drama sure is a wonderfully entertaining dumpster fire. Odin is the widowed dad trying to raise two unruly teenage boys hell-bent on causing mayhem across the Nine Realms. Then, in a surprising turn of events, Odin’s "long-lost" daughter Hela appears wreaking havoc all over Asgard and leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake.

A clever internet comedian dialed down the crazy a bit and translated the Asgardian family drama into something us humans can relate to more easily. According to this meme, Hela is the rebellious eldest sibling, Loki is the adopted little brother who easily gets emotional, and Thor is that middle child that somehow managed to turn out relatively normal. And Odin, well, he’s just doing his best to keep these knuckleheads in line.


Thor Loki Hela Rules

Every household has rules and odds are the more siblings there are the more rules there will be. Rules usually become rules when someone does something they were absolutely not supposed to do, but thought they could get away with it because there was no clear rule against it. Household rules are pretty much like those silly warning sings you see on everything, like "hot beverage" or "no boogie boarding on the street after a hurricane". They exist because at some point some idiot thought it would be a good idea to do something that goes against all reason.

While these rules are mostly set up by parents, sometimes the oldest sibling can make up rules as well. This hilarious meme about rules in Odin and Frigga’s household is an accurate representation of how it works in real life.


Thor Hela Clothes

Even if Odin’s mistreatment of Loki throughout his entire upbringing wasn’t enough to clue in the old man that his adopted son might not grow up to be a faithful follower, the colors Loki opted to wear should have at least given him a healthy dose of mistrust. Way before Loki tried to take Asgard by force, Odin’s first-born Hela did the very same thing. Fun fact, Hela also favored black and green too.

If you ever wondered about whether there’s some hidden meaning behind these colors, there is. Thor’s color of choice is red, which is often associated with strength, power, determination and passion. On the other hand, Hela and Loki’s favorite color -- green, specifically dark green, is associated with greed, ambition and jealousy. Seriously, Odin, you should have seen it all coming from a mile away.


Thor Loki Taylor Swift

In 2012, Marvel released the first Avengers movie to wide critical acclaim and commercial success. The plot of the movie revolves mostly around Loki’s plans to steal the Tesseract for the Order that would in turn give him an army with which to conquer Earth. In response to Loki’s attack, Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., puts in force the Avengers Initiative, bringing Earth’s mightiest heroes together.

Among the Avengers is Loki’s brother, the God of Thunder himself, Thor. Naturally, since it is his little brother out there causing mayhem, Thor is a bit conflicted on how to approach this problem. Luckily, Black Widow seems to have found a way to make Thor’s difficult decision a bit easier. Forget the fact that he killed 80 people in two days, what matters is that he dated Taylor Swift.


Thor Loki Hela Challenge

Up until Hela’s arrival, we all believed Loki to be the black sheep in the family, the pariah, the bad egg. Then Odin died, releasing Hela from her imprisonment and suddenly Loki didn’t seem so bad. Compared to Odin’s evil first-born, the notorious Goddess of Death, Loki is no more than a misguided, mischievous youngest child.

Clearly, we’re not the only ones that noticed this about Thor’s siblings. Upon meeting his older sister, the God of Thunder himself came to realize that maybe his little brother isn’t so bad after all. However, perhaps voicing those thoughts wasn’t the best idea, especially with Loki within earshot. The God of Mischief seems to have taken his brother’s words as a challenge to outdo Hela. You’re missing the point, Loki!


Odin Loki Hela Hold My Bear

Odin may have been a good king, although this too kind of comes into question after Thor: Ragnarok, but he was most certainly a horrible parent. His treatment of Loki alone made Odin a terrible person and an even worse father. The real reason Odin adopted Loki was to use him in the future to keep the peace with the Frost Giants. His entire life, Odin treated Loki in a way that clearly communicated that Thor is the one he valued more. No wonder, Loki turned out the way he did.

However, it wasn’t until we heard the story of Hela that we truly realized just how bad of a parent Odin was. How messed-up do you have to be to use your child as a weapon and then once you realize you created a monster to banish said child to Hel to be imprisoned there forever?


Thor Loki Redemption

In March 2017, the Gru’s Plan meme spread like wildfire after being featured on PewDiePie’s YouTube show Meme Review. Can't you see, he doesn’t kill memes, he makes them better. The Gru’s Plan meme swiftly became one of the most popular memes and it’s being used for all kids of hilarious jokes. And what better way to use a meme that’s based on an evil mastermind’s plan than to poke fun at yet another evil mastermind.

Loki’s scheming in Thor: Ragnarok proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he can’t be trusted. However, for a moment, we really did believe that Loki could change, that he and Thor could save Asgard together. But, once Loki set his sights on the Tesseract his true intentions were revealed.


Typical Family Photo

No matter how much you and your brothers and sisters fight every single day, when time comes to take that family photo you’d better look like the most loving siblings anyone’s ever laid eyes on. You may beat each other all you want when there’s no one around to record the evidence. However, once the cameras are on, you’d better be on you best behavior or else.

Old man Odin was somewhat successful in getting his two sons in order for the family photo. Though, if we’re being honest, Odin himself looks pretty upset with his youngest, not that he doesn’t have every right to be. The brothers themselves look ready to wage an all-out war as soon as the photoshoot is over. So, pretty much your average family.

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