Thor's Dog Brings the Oprah Meme To Life - With a Deadly Twist


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers Thor #2 by Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo and VC's Joe Sabino, in stores now.

If you've been following Thor Odinson's adventures recently, you know he has a faithful new ally at his side -- a murderous, hilarious and somehow totally endearing talking dog named Thori. Thor's canine companion (who was actually raised from a pup by Thor's half-brother Loki) has been by his side ever since the Unworthy Odinson embarked on a quest to find a new hammer, and there' he's remained well into the ongoing War of the Realms storyline.

In Thor #2, Thor's latest attempt to put a stop to the war leads him to Hel, where he joins forces with Loki, his dead brother Balder, and Skurge the Executioner to help prevent the Queen of Muspelheim from claiming control of the frozen realm of the dead. But Thor isn't reunited with his brothers more than a few seconds before monstrous firepedes attack from all sides.

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The attack quickly turns into an all-out brawl between Asgardians and fire monsters, and Thori, of course, rejoices in the chance to attack, maim and maul. And as he does so, the Hel-Hound brings to life a famous Oprah meme. You've seen this scene before: Oprah is cheering to an audience, with the caption "You get a [insert whatever]! You get a [insert whatever]! Everyone gets a [insert whatever]!", a reference to the former daytime show host's propensity to give out all kinds of gifts to her audience.

Thori Thor Oprah meme

Well, in Thor #2, Thori takes that meme to an extreme as he proceeds to kill every fire creature he can get his teeth on. "And then Thori murder this one! And then Thori murder that one!" he repeats, until finally he says "Everyone get a murder!"

Sure, Thori is so not giving out cars or special trips to the other side of the globe. There's no denying what the Asgardian hellhound is handing out is much more gruesome, and yet somehow, it's also oddly endearing.

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