Thor and Frigga Have a Chat About Loki in 'Thor: The Dark World' Deleted Scene

On the heels of that unfinished sequence showing Tom Hiddleston in Captain America's costume, Total Film has debuted another deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World, included as a bonus feature on the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD.

Like the previous clip, this one also centers on Loki, as Chris Hemsworth's Thor talks with Rene Russo's Frigga about his troublesome half-brother.

"Do you ever regret sharing your magic with him," the thunder god asks. "No," his mother replies, "you and your father cast large shadows. I'd hoped by sharing my gifts with Loki that he could find some sun for himself."

Directed by Alan Taylor, Marvel's Thor: The Dark World arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on Feb. 25.

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