Thor: Ages of Thunder

Official Press Release

As Thor continues to deal with an uncertain future after the return of the missing Asgardians, readers can now look to the past and examine the long, arduous road that brought him here! Thor: Ages Of Thunder, a double-sized special from red-hot scribe Matt Fraction (Immortal Iron Fist, upcoming Uncanny X-Men) and fan favorite artist Patrick Zircher (Thunderbolts) explore the events leading to the mighty Thor’s bonding with the human Donald Blake as he wages war with the terrifying Frost Giants. But just how does a tragic tale of the Enchantress and the legendary villainy of the trickster Loki play into all this?

With Loki’s involvement in the critically-acclaimed Thor, this issue is perfect for fans looking to learn more about the Marvel Universe’s greatest deceiver…and just what makes Thor the man he is today! Don’t miss the double-sized Thor: Ages Of Thunder!

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