Thor's March to War of the Realms Reintroduces 2 Fan-Favorite Characters

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Thor #8 by Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo, on sale Wednesday, Dec. 19.

Writer Jason Aaron has been building to War of the Realms for multiple years in the pages of The Mighty Thor and Thor. What initially started as Malekith's slow rampage across the Ten Realms will soon blossom into a full-blown Marvel blockbuster event, complete with an all-seeing Daredevil and Captain America riding a winged horse.

“I have been building towards War of the Realms for the entire duration of my Thor run. So we're talking six years and 80-something issues and counting,” Aaron said in a statement.

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Of course, a portion of Aaron's run saw the Odinson replaced as the God of Thunder by the mortal Jane Foster, as she fought to protect the realms from Malekith while also battling the cancer destroying her body. Jane's last stand as Thor came against the almighty Mangog, where it looked like her life may truly come to an end.

However, Jane is a fighter and lived to return to Earth where she continues receiving treatments for her cancer. As for Thor, he joined his brothers Loki and Balder in Hel to stave off Sindr and Hela as they fought over who would rule the realm.

With War of the Realms arriving in April 2019, Marvel has only a few months to complete setting up the event -- which is why a preview of Thor #8 reintroduces Jane back into the story, along with her Asgardian canine companion, Thori.

Pedestrians may be distracted by the large amount of rain falling to the ground to notice Jane walking with an oversized dog that can speak. Then again, this is the Marvel Universe we're talking about, where a glance up at the sky can offer glimpses of a web-slinging superhero or an invading army of aliens.

Jane's time as the Goddess of Thunder proved to be a high mark for the series, gaining national attention and critical praise across the board. Fans will no doubt be happy to see her return to the Thor, with the hope she can one day pick up a mystical hammer again. As for Thori, he also won fans over with his fierce loyalty to Jane and Thor, and for his urge to murder those who would harm his masters.

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War of the Realms is coming to the Marvel Universe next year. Every superhero will be summoned to help protect Midgard/Earth from Malekith's evil forces. Two of those recruits will most likely include a cancer-fighting Jane Foster and the murder-happy Thori.

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