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Thor #608

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Thor #608

Thor barely makes an appearance in these pages as his battle with Sentry is the feature of “Siege” #3, but doppelganger Thor — the Thor clone from “Civil War” now calling himself Ragnarok — fills the void, taking the battle to Volstagg.
I found myself wondering where Asgard was in this issue; Broxton, Oklahoma is rendered with little in the way of atmospheric presence from the city of the Norse gods. Volstagg’s battle takes us to the outskirts of Broxton where the results of “Siege” are felt in this issue.
Gillen does a good job scripting Volstagg and Ragnarok, but the delineation between Heimdall, Balder, and Tyr is not as sharp until Tyr challenges the Hood.
There’s an awful lot happening in this issue, from fallout from the Asgardians’ time in Latveria to the actual battle of Asgard to life in Broxton. The story reads quickly despite all of this, and therefore this issue feels thin. There is a see-saw of artistic styles going on throughout this story with Billy Tan, Batt, and Christina Strain handling the adventures of Volstagg; Rich Elson and Matt Hollingsworth tackle the tussle in the sky. The two styles are extremely different, but given that they are used for specific encounters on the battlefield, it works. If the book had been split by page it would have seemed quite disjointed.
“Siege” is hitting Asgard quite thunderously, and this issue brings that home. As I already mentioned, there is almost no Thor in a title bearing his name, and I think that displays the detriment of these multi-faceted crossover tales both publishers are quite fond of nowadays. Were I not reading “Siege,” and only reading Thor, I would not be a happy camper to shell out three bucks for four panels (and zero dialog!) from the titular character. Since I am hip-deep in “Siege,” however, this issue added some finer details to a story I’m already soaking in.
Without a doubt, “Thor” is going to be deeply impacted by the results of “Siege.” It’s evident in this issue. I am curious to see how Asgard recovers from that which has been brought upon it.