Thompson, Bradshaw's "Spidey" Series Sends Peter Parker Back to School

Announced at this past Comic-Con International in San Diego, Robbie Thompson ("Silk") and Nick Bradshaw's ("Wolverine and the X-Men") new in-continuity "Spidey" series will focus on fifteen-year-old Peter Parker during his high school career. In an interview with ComicBook.com, Thompson explained just how the project came to be and how young Spider-Man's new set of stories will take shape.

"I think the book is actually best summed up in the tagline Marvel created for it: before he was Amazing... he was Spidey," Thompson explained. "For me, that's been a huge appeal of working on the book -- getting to go back to the high school years and shine a light on the early days of Peter Parker's journey to becoming Spider-Man and doing it in an old school fashion -- single issues, each one telling their own story... We're not seeking to re-tell any stories per se, or do direct adaptations, but rather capture the tone and feeling of the original Lee/Ditko comics."

"Our hope is Spidey can be a gateway to new readers, inspiring them to dig through the endless Spider-Man comic lore -- whether it's the classic stories of Lee and Ditko, or the epic world hopping stories to come in the pages of Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man. And we also hope to bring in lifelong fans with a trip down memory lane, harkening back to the types of stories those of us who grew up reading Spider-Man remember," he added.

"This is the best entry point for our stories because Spider-Man is still new to all of this," he shared. "He's still getting his bearings and isn't tied to any longer stories or history just yet -- he got bit by a radioactive spider, he tragically lost uncle and now he's vowed to learn what it means to have great power and great responsibility."

When asked what other classic characters would appear, Thompson responded, "Right out of the gate we have one of my favorites, Doc Ock. He's a lot of fun to write and I love his dynamic with Spider-Man. We're going to be having some fun encounters with a lot of classic Spider-Man villains from the start and eventually even see a Sinister team up."

"Nick Bradshaw's work on the book has just blown me away. I've been a fan of his for a long time. He has a fantastic story and character sense and his work just leaps off the page. Having a front row seat to watch him work through designs, layouts, pencils and so on has been an absolute thrill. He's brilliant and has been killing it on this book," he concluded.

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