Thomas Jane Really, <i>Really</i> Likes 3D

In case you've been worried that there's not going to be enough 3D content in movies (and television) over the next few years, actor and producer Thomas Jane has your back. Although, sadly for some, his HBO show Hung won't be in that third dimension just yet.

Talking to Jenna Busch over at the Huffington Post, Jane talked about his belief in 3D as more than a fad:

I think there's room for 3D to become -- for 3D to stay and not just be a fad. We have to find ways to use it to tell the story. Just like we use sound to tell a story and we use color to tell a story. A film in color is a different experience from the same film in black and white. You get more information. You get information out of the movie that you wouldn't get um, in black and white. And so the same thing with color. The same thing with 3D. I want to find ways to use 3D to tell a story. To make the story so that you get more information out of it than you would if it were just in 3D. So that's what excites me about 3D. You know, I think as a society, as a species, we evolve. As we evolve, our ability to translate information or to transfer information to each other also evolves. So in our industry, we've seen changes, you know. When we went from black and white silent films to talkies, and to color, and to 70 millimeter Cinemascope, and now we have 3D. We're just, we're enhancing our ability to transfer information to each other.

To that end, here are some of the projects that Jane mentioned as being involved in:

I'm doing a film with Ron Perlman in 3D called War Dogs. It's about, it's basically Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid during the fall of Rome. A couple of Roman soldiers being chased across the countryside by a band of Goths... My company, Raw Studios, is producing that. In fact, I'm producing a TV show called Twisted Tales, based on the famous comic book from the 80s. We're doing a Twilight Zone half hour TV show out of that, in 3D... [Raw, Jane's production company/comic studio] had a couple of books--one's called The Bad Planet, the other's Alien Pig Farm 3000, which got picked up by David Gordon Green's company, Rough House, and they're turning that into a motion picture, Alien Pig Farm. And that'll probably be in 3D, if I have my way.

Effects houses who make movies 3D? You should be buying Thomas Jane gifts right now to thank him for singlehandedly trying to keep you all in work.

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