This Wolverine jacket is so perfectly '90s it hurts

If a group of comics fans in the mid-1990s had assembled a time capsule to capture what life was like in that moment, it would've contained this jacket. If it didn't, they would've failed in their mission.

Designed by Jeff Hamilton, best known for his garish leather jackets featuring Looney Tunes characters and sports-team logos, it's the most gloriously '90s piece of comics fashion you're likely to see ... definitely this week, and probably much longer than that.

Seriously, it's glorious: from those yellow, black and red stripes on the sleeves (fine Italian leather, according to the Craigslist description) to the enormous depiction of Wolverine to those red logos, front and back.

The seller says it's been in storage since it was purchased about 20 years ago, which makes that time-capsule scenario seem entirely plausible. And it could be yours for $499 (reduced from $999!), if you're able to pick it up in Malibu, California.

It's size small, which may further limit the market for such a jacket. But who wants to wear it? You frame a work of art like that!

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