This Winter, It's "Archie VS. Kiss"

The last time the two pop culture icons were side-by-side, they worked together to save the world from a lack of fun. This winter, if the following teaser image is to be taken at face value, Archie Comics pits its namesake against the legendary rock band Kiss. Whether it will it be a battle of the bands or a battle for the fate of the world is something fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out, however.

The original four-part storyline, "Archie Meets Kiss," ran through "Archie" #627-630 and was written by Alex Segura with art by Archie creative powerhouse Dan Parent. While not the first odd crossover Archie has seen in recent years, it was certainly the biggest, and also saw a series of decidedly un-Archie style variant covers by 2011 Eisner Award nominee Francesco Francavilla.

The storyline also heralded the return of Kiss to the world of comics. Having appeared in numerous one-shots and comic series throughout the years, Kiss followed up on its Archie storyline with the launch of an ongoing title from IDW Publishing launching in June.

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