This weekend, it's the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

From noon to 9 p.m. tomorrow the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival (or BCGF as it's more commonly known) will take place at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 275 North 8th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show, curated by Picturebox, Desert Island and Bill Kartalopolous, has very quickly built up a reputation as being one of the "must-attend" indie shows on the East Coast, and this year promises to be the the most impressive and largest show yet with a murderer's row of top-flight guests and expanded exhibitors list debuting some killer-looking books. Best of all, the show is free to attend, so

Click on the link below to read a run-down of who will be debuting what, when and where:

• How awesome is this year's guest list? Awesome enough to not only include the one and only Jack Davis, of Mad and EC fame, but also Chip Kidd, Phoebe Gloeckner, David Mazzucchelli, CF, Brian Ralph, Lisa Hanawalt and John Porcellino.

• Perhaps the most notable debut book this year comes from Picturebox, which will have early copies of Kramer's Ergot 8. Editor Sammy Harkham will be on hand to sign copies, as will contributors Gary Panter, CF, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw, Anya Davidson and Gabrielle Bell. They'll also have a number of prints for sale, including two rare ones by Rory Hayes, of all people.

• Fantagraphics will be attending the festival for the first time, and have brand spanking new copies of Jack Davis: Drawing American Pop Culture, 500 Portraits by Tony Millionaire, Action! Mystery! Thrills! Great Comic Book Covers 1936-1945 edited by Greg Sadowski and Jason Conquers America by Jason. Signing at their table will be Josh Simmons, Kim Deitch, Dash Shaw, Jack Davis, Michael Kupperman and Al Columbia.

Drawn & Quarterly won't be debuting any books, but they will have Brian Ralph, Adrian Tomine, R. Sikoryak, Jillian Tamaki, John Porcellino, Matt Forsythe and Gabrielle Bell (who apparently will be doing a lot of table-hopping).

• Bell will also have a new $1 mini-comic debuting over at the Uncivilized Books table, which you can get for free if you sign up for their mailing list. UB will also have a new issue of True Swamp by Jon Lewis and Bell will be selling portraits for $5 a pop.

Koyama Press will debut a number of comics at the show, including Comics Class, Rivers Forgotten and The World of Gloria Badcock. Artists on hand include Michael DeForge, Julia Wertz, Maurice Vellekoop, Matt Forsythe, Jeremy Kai and Jordan Crane.

• DeForge also wants you to know that he'll have two mini-comics at the show, King Trash and Open Country, and that the new issue of the Smoke Signal anthology will feature a collaboration with him and Benjamin Marra. I'd strongly recommend buying anything DeForge has for sale. Marra's no slouch either, and he'll have the new, fourth issue of Night Business for sale at his Traditional Comics table.

• DeForge is also one of the contributors to Zack Soto's Studygroup Magazine anthology, which Soto will be debuting at the show. It looks pretty swell.

• New books at the Domino Books table include Face Man, Spider Monkey, Violence Valley, Here I Am and The Archer. Secret Acres will have a new issue of John Brodowski's Curio Cabinet. AdHouse will have new Ferzan mini by Lamar Abrams. Ryan Cecil Smith will be debuting something called SF Supplementary File, which looks intriguing. Conundrum Press will have a brand-new book from David Collier, Colliers Popular Press. La Mano Press will apparently have early copies of Zak Sally's Sammy the Mouse book. Sam Henderson will have a spiffy looking new book of gag cartoons. Oh and so much more. See a full list of exhibitors here.

• Programming will be held nearby at Union Pool, 484 Union Avenue #A. If you can only attend one panel I'd probably shoot for either the Q&A with Jack Davis or the talk with Phoebe Gloeckner. There will also be a number of satellite events held in various locations in the surrounding area, which is nice if you can afford to stay longer than a day.

• A number of comics bloggers will also be in attendance, including yours truly. I'll actually have a mini-comic of my own -- the prologue to a lengthy fantasy epic my 10-year-old daughter is working on -- that I'll be handing out for free to a few friends and curious parties. Supplies will be limited, but if you see me at the show feel free to ask for a copy.

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