This weekend, it's Tampa Bay Comic Con

Although many eyes this weekend will be on Fan Expo Canada, where DC Comics will reveal more details about the newly announced Justice League Canada, about 1,300 miles south Tampa Bay Comic Con is quickly emerging as an event to watch.

As the Tampa Bay Times notes, the fledgling convention has grown from about 550 attendees in 2010 to, based on advanced ticket sales, more than 20,000 for this year's edition, which kicks off in an hour at the Tampa Convention Center.

The rapid growth is attributed largely to the increasing number of television and movie stars -- actors from The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones headline this weekend -- but Tampa Bay Comic Con hasn't forsaken comic books. Guests of honor George Perez and Frank Brunner will be joined by the likes of Pat Broderick, Greg Horn, Joelle Jones, Mike McKone, Jimmy Palmiotti and Mike Perkins.

Tampa Bay Comic Con continues through Sunday.

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