This weekend, it's King Con

Brooklyn is the place to be this weekend, as artists from around the area flock to the Brooklyn Lyceum in New York City for King Con.

"Artists from around the area" is not usually a phrase that strikes excitement in one's heart, but Brooklyn is home to an amazing array of comics talent, and this is an opportunity for creators to meet with the fans without having to fly across the country (or take the subway into the city).

Artists who will be there include Chris Claremont, Dean Haspiel, Becky Cloonan, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, George O'Connor, Paul Pope (today only), Kyle Baker and Rick Parker. That's everything from superheroes to kids' comics to indie comics, all under one roof and conveniently located. Brian Heater curated the panels, and he has posted his schedule at The Daily Cross Hatch; he will be DJ at tonight's kickoff party.

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