This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: Winter, and Warfare, Is Coming

This week, winter is coming and it’s bringing HBO’s crazy-beautiful swords-and-strategy fantasy along with it. Also, pretty boys fight Greek gods, Autobots transform and roll out, and Camelot is once again proven to be a silly place.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season (DVD & Blu-ray)

Here’s the thing: If you have seen it, you’ve been shouting from the rooftops about how good it is. And if you haven’t seen it, it’s as good as those rooftop-shouters say it is. Because, yeah, Game of Thrones is all that and a bag of chips brought to you by a bevy of naked women, incestuous power mongers and a host of tragically noble men and women, some of who’ll die in endlessly inventive and bloody ways.

Immortals (DVD & Blu-ray & 3D)

It’s the one where the new Superman beats up on Mickey Rourke in a heavily art-directed mythic ancient Greece that’s ruled by facial hair and slow motion.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Blu-ray)

If you don’t have it, buy it. If you have it, buy it again. The Holy Grail is an essential part of any video collection that must be kept on hand like a fire extinguisher — just in case someone dreadfully unfunny comes to visit.

The Skin I Live In (DVD & Blu-ray)

The rare Pedro Almodovar movie that injects some sci-fi into his trademark overheated soap-opera formula. This time, Antonio Banderas plays a plastic surgeon who invents a synthetic skin that’s impervious to damage. Things, as they tend to, go awry.

Transformers Prime: The Complete First Season (DVD)

It’s just like the Michael Bay movies, but with less CG and more coherent storylines. So, if that floats your boat, you’re in luck.

Grave of the Fireflies (DVD & Blu-ray)

This harrowing World War II anime, which follows a pair of siblings as they navigate the perils of a bomb-scarred Japan, was one of the first films to be produced by Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli. As such, it’s impeccably crafted and undeniably emotional.

The Little Shop of Horrors (Blu-ray)

Worthwhile for Bill Murray’s turn as a masochistic dental patient, and, if you’re botanically obsessed, the giant singing plant.

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