This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: Shogun vs. Alchemist vs. Iron Man

This week, it’s an anime three-way — with X-Men, Iron Man and Fullmetal Alchemist galloping onto shelves. Also, make room for a horror anthology, a sequel to a pulp classic, and the bloody Japanese edition of daddy day care for assassins.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Shogun Assassin: 5 Film Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray)

If you’re a fan of Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima’s epic manga series Lone Wolf and Cub, about an executioner who walks the path to vengeance with his infant son at his side, then, surely, you know that the books spawned a series of Japanese movies released stateside under the “Shogun Assassin” banner. The five films range from pretty good to “well, at least people are getting sliced up with katanas and you don’t see that every day,” but they all aim for the spirit of the books; and when they hit their target, the Shogun Assassin movies are a thing of pulpy glory.

The Innkeepers (DVD & Blu-ray)

This slab of good, old-school horror from director Ti West finds a pair of employees stuck alone in an old hotel. That’s as classic a recipe for disaster as you’ll find.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Complete Collection One (DVD & Blu-ray)

Set in a world where alchemy -- the transmutation of matter from one form to another, exists right alongside science -- this offshoot of the long-running Fullmetal Alchemist anime series follows the manga more closely.

Marvel Anime: X-Men – Complete Series, and Marvel Anime: Iron Man – Complete Series (DVD)

If you were curious as to what X-Men or Iron Man cartoons would look like if the animation was 40 percent better (and the plots were 40 percent less tethered to reality — though, to be fair, Warren Ellis contributed to the plot for the Iron Man anime) then here’s your chance.

The Wicker Tree (DVD & Blu-ray)

The sequel to the original Wicker Man. As such, it doesn’t have Nicolas Cage punching random women or shouting about bees. Too bad.

Night Wolf (DVD)

“From a Producer of Dog Soldiers” is how this movie is billed, which should kinda tell you all you need to know about this werewolf thriller. Not the producer, mind you, just a producer.

The Theatre Bizarre (DVD)

This horror anthology spins a half-dozen different deranged tales — if one story doesn’t squeeze the vision-juice from your eyeballs, another one’s coming right up.

11-11-11 (DVD & Blu-ray)

Wanna see if the director of a handful of Saw movies can scare you with a date? No? Fair enough.

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