This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: Chuck Vs. Lycans Vs. Zombies

This week, we see the last of Chuck’s sweetheart in lingerie, Kate Beckinsale pulps a bunch more werewolves, and Tim and Eric unveil their Billion Dollar Movie. Plus: Doctors, the dead and de plane.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD & Blu-ray)

Chuck has always been something of a soap opera, albeit one starring a nerd who becomes the world’s greatest spy almost despite himself. It was never about the missions or the villains or the gadgets: It was about Chuck Bartowski’s developing relationship with Sarah Walker, the (incredibly lethal) girl of his dreams. So, as this show finished it’s improbable run -- and managed not to get canceled, thanks to fan outcry -- we got all the emotional resolution a Nerd Herder could ask for, in as heartbreaking a fashion as possible.


Underworld: Awakening (DVD & Blu-ray)

I’ve never quite understood why, in this long-running supernatural action series, werewolves got the cool name “Lycans” but vampires were just “vampires.” Seems a little unfair. Anyway, Kate Beckinsale kills things while wearing skin-tight outfits.

Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden/Doctor Who: Dragonfire/Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol

More classic Who movies for the shelf -- which, at this point, must be sagging under the weight.

Fantasy Island: The Complete Second Season

My favorite part of this show is imagining the freaky-ass fantasies that are coming true in cabanas you can’t see. And, oddly enough, most of them involve Herve Villechaize.


Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (DVD & Blu-ray)

Full disclosure: I’ve never seen this movie, nor have I seen much of the show it spins out of. But I’ve heard from people far cooler than I that it’s what they’re all watching. So, maybe, give this humbly titled flick a shot.

Humans Vs. Zombies (DVD & Blu-ray)

It turns out this isn’t a documentary about popular culture of the past 40 years, rather it’s a low-budget movies about spring breakers who, yes, get infected with a zombie virus.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Almost Featured Another Marvel Hero

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