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On the editorial side of things, this last week was a busy and active one on CBR. As always, we begin our weekly look at the opinion side of CBR with last week’s columns.

The week began last Sunday with George Khoury's POP! in which he told the story of the long lost Jim Lee Punisher book. Worth a read. Rich Johnston started off the work week in fine fashion as he does every week with the latest rumors, news and gossip in the latest edition of LYING IN THE GUTTERS. In his latest, PIPELINE COMMENTARY author Augie De Blieck Jr. took a look at the "Iron Man" movie and had a major announcement to make. Wednesday, Steven Grant checked in with PERMANENT DAMAGE to discuss what happens when an artist gets audacious with his goals. Hannibal Tabu said on Thursday in THE BUY PILE about the new "Invincible Iron Man," "From a standpoint of sheer craft, this issue is virtually flawless."

Friday saw an embarrassment of riches as both Erik Larsen and Keith Giffen had new editions of their columns. First up, in ONE FAN’S OPINION, Erik discusses the most maligned inker of all time, Vince Colletta. Over in AN UNFORTUNATE CONFLUENCE OF WORDS, Keith had a mish mash of stuff including 1960s comic book dialog, what "Countdown" was counting down to, cholesterol drugs and a list of apologies in advance of July's "Ambush Bug: Year None."

Now, over on the Reviews side, there were a lot of first issues reviewed last week and a couple of highly rated books, but no five star reviewsthis time out. Timothy Callahan was impressed by the first issue of Vertigo’s "House of Mystery" as well as "Secret Invasion" #2. Kevin Church enjoyed the debut issue of "The Invincible Iron Man," while James Hunt checked out the debut issue of Peter David’s "X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead." The fourth member of the CBR Reviews team, Greg McElhatton, took a look at "Pearls Before Swine: The Crass Menagerie," a collection of Stephan Pastis’ comic strips.

There's that and plenty more in the new CBR Reviews section. Or, check out reviews from our individual reviewers by following the links below.

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Executive Producer, CBR

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