It was busy last week for both the Reviews and Editorial team at CBR and I thought I'd take this chance on a quiet and calm American holiday to tell you a bit about what you may have missed here on CBR. As we start out each of these looks, we begin on the editorial side.

First off, did you catch the latest addition to the columns line-up here at CBR? Brian Hibbs brings his long running retail editorial column TILTING AT WINDMILLS to CBR! Welcome, Brian! His first column can be found here where he discusses what the Fantagraphics deal with Diamond means for the industry and the coming comics implosion. Brian's column runs once a month, generally the third week of the month.

As for the rest of CBR's Columns, starting out last week was Rich Johnston with his latest LYING IN THE GUTTERS in which he discusses Shooter leaving "Legion," some "War Heroes" updates and much more. Tuesday, Augie De Blieck Jr. went French and checked out "Sky Doll" from Marvel as well as "Captain America" #38, "Fantastic Four" #557 and more in PIPELIONE COMMENTARY. Wednesday, Steven Grant's PERMANENT DAMAGE considered the possible ramifications of an industry dominated by massive crossovers. Hannibal Tabu liked the latest "Avengers: The Initiative," "Grendel: Behold The Devil" and others as he noted in THE BUY PILE. Closing out the week, Erik Larsen shared memories of the recently passed Rory Root in ONE FAN'S OPINION.

Because of the American Memorial Day holiday today, the columns schedule will be a little off this week â€" basically all the columns will move forward a day. Rich Johnston's column will be posted Tuesday afternoon instead of its usual place on Monday. Augie's column will move to Wednesday and so on.

The CBR Reviews team was busy last week. While there were a number of four star reviews, only one book scored higher with our reviewers and that honor went to Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera's "Scalped" which Timothy Callahan gave 4.5 stars and calls the series "one of the best comics in recent memory." For the Manga lovers in the audience, don't miss Greg McElhatton's review of Viz's "One Pound Gospel" from the creator of "Ranma ½" and "InuYasha," Rumiko Takahashi. How are things looking for the thrice-monthly "Amazing Spider-Man?" James Hunt had high praise for Dan Slott's "Amazing Spider-Man"#559.

You can see all the above as well as many more reviews, posted every week day, by visiting the CBR Reviews section, which just got a little busier -- we've recently added two more reviewers to the team, Doug Zawisa and Benjamin Birdie, whom you'll be hearing more from in the coming weeks.

That'll do it for this week. We'll get back to our full day's worth of programming again tomorrow. As always, thanks for visiting CBR!

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