'This wasn’t Brian somehow flipping the bird to the Spidey guys'

On his blog at Marvel.com, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort responds to reader reactions to Spider-Man's latest unmasking in The New Avengers #51.

"... Seriously, folks, do any of you really believe that Brian Bendis unilaterally decided to have Spider-Man unmask himself to his fellow New Avengers without talking to anybody else about it?" Brevoort writes.

After noting the amount of editorial oversight and coordination between titles, he continues: "So no, this wasn’t Brian somehow flipping the bird to the Spidey guys. It wasn’t an editorial commentary on 'One More Day' or the thrice-monthly ASM. And it wasn’t some stealth operation that was snuck onto the racks without anybody knowing about it. Just think about it for two seconds — really, how likely is that? Really?"

Brevoort goes on to say that Spider-Man revealing his identity to his teammates doesn't negate the reason for the controversial "One More Day" storyline.

However, not all of his commenters are buying it.

"The conversation between Jessica Jones and Peter was funny, but it didn't make any sense," says challenger_15. "Why didn't she respond to him earlier on in the series before she was made to forget? They were around each other. They hung out at the same place during the post-Civil War New Avengers run. He was unmasked then, why didn't she say something then?"

"Whoever said that it just didn't make sense for P.P. to stay hidden behind the mask in the wake of the Secret Invasion was completely correct," writes Thomas More. "Can't wait for the whole, 'why couldn't I remember who you were?' conversation, it'll be sweet! Nah, on second thought, Brian Bendis is the Marvel Overlord and everyone bows down and does what he says, he controls everything ..."

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