This Venom Action Figure Comes With Poseable Tongue (Yes, You Read That Right)

Most fans of superhero comics, we love the classic costumes -- the ones that endure through reboots, deaths and resurrections. Yet, it's difficult to deny the appeal of new looks, whether they're unveiled for a specific occasion or to signal a new direction for well-established characters.

Square Enix embraces that aspect with its Play Arts Kai line of action figures, which reimagines familiar heroes and villains. The latest are these limited-edition color versions of Spider-Man, Venom and Iron Man.

The lithe Spider-Man body comes packed with joints for flips and fights. The figure also features a variety of hands, web nets and web strings for slinging. The look originates with the symbiote costume, which eventually became Venom.

Speaking of Venom, that figure's variant actually looks a lot like his symbiotic brethren, with a swirly, psychotic new paint job. It comes with slice-ready snap-on appendages and an alternate head with poseable tongue.

Yes ... poseable tongue.

Finally, Iron Man flies onto the scene with sleek silver-and-gray armor with red accents. Thanks to the armed stand and a variety of special effects snap-ons like jet boots and repulsor blasts, the figure can capture multiple mid-air poses.

All three are available for preorder, with Iron Man and Spider-Man priced at $120, and Venom at $130. They're expected to ship at the end of the year.

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