This U.K. town has its own unicycle-riding superhero

How do you one-up the "Bromley Batman," the masked crimefighter of South London who'd really rather be called "The Shadow"? With an motorized unicycle, apparently. Hey, what it lacks in style it makes up for in maneuverability.

Long thought a mere motorist's myth, over the past couple of months numerous reports have surfaced of a costumed hero in Tunbridge Wells, about 40 southeast of London. Now, however, he's been captured on video.

Unimaginatively dubbed the Tunbridge Wells Caped Crusader by the Kent and Sussex Courier, the mystery man speeds along the town's roads and sidewalks, his cape fluttering behind him. Although there's no indication this Caped Crusader has taken on muggers like the Bromley Batman Shadow, the Mirror reports he has been witnessed "telling off motorists for speaking on their mobile phones while driving."

"I've seen him speaking to drivers and cyclists about various misdemeanors," said local resident Graham Collins. "Everyone seems to take it as a bit of a laugh, but nobody seems to know who is behind the mask."

Like so many vigilantes before him -- unicycle-riding or otherwise -- the Tunbridge Wells Caped Crusader has had his run-ins with the police, although he was let go after a brief chat and "a laugh."

When asked by the Courier who he is and whether he's "a force for good," the Caped Crusader replied, ""I can't tell you who I am," adding, "You will find out soon enough. All will be revealed."

Come on, Courier, get it together: Of course he's good. What supervillain would ride a motorized unicycle, not to mention offer a friendly "Cheers!" as he rides away?

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