This tiny, levitating Death Star is no moon -- it's a speaker

It's easy to imagine Emperor Palpatine keeping a tiny, levitating replica of the first Death Star as a daily reminder of his folly (only to ignore it and order the construction of a second moon-sized space station). But it probably didn't also blast music, because, really, what would Palpatine listen to? "The Imperial March" on repeat?

However, this tiny, levitating replica of the Death Star does play music, because, well, it's a wireless speaker and a nice conversation piece.

Manufactured by Hellosy, the little planet-obliterating orb spins above a magnetic base, churning out cool tunes instead of a superlaser for six to eight hours at a time. Plus, it glows in the dark!

It's available for $220 from Amazon.

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(via Toyland)

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