This Thank You Note From a Young Comics Reader Totally Made Our Day

There are good days and bad days -- and certainly stressful days -- working in this business, but receiving an exceptionally lovely thank you note from a young comics reader definitely ensures a pretty darn good day.

I walked in to the CBR office today to find this affixed to our door:

Here's the backstory: The CBR offices are on the same floor as Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Krekorian, and we periodically donate the all-ages comics we get sent to them. The comics then get distributed to kids in the community (kudos to Krekorian's office for doing this!). Clearly, some Archie Comics issues made their way into the hands of Violet, and it looks like we've got a young comic book fan excited about the medium. (I can relate, Archie Comics certainly had the same effect on me when I was a kid.)

Using context clues, we're guessing that Violet may have actually meant that she wants to work for Archie, not for CBR, but we'd be glad to take a look at review-writing samples either way. Also, the CBR staff has been building ourselves up all day by reminding each other that we are "awesome" and "smart" -- and hey, so are you!

There are a lot of distractions that surround the comic book industry, and some justified negativity -- but a reminder of the feeling of being a young reader getting stoked about comic books helps melt the cynicism away.

Now, if only comments sections were this friendly...

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