This stunning Hulkbuster may have all those other figures beat

Due to its big-screen debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron, there have been a lot of collectibles based on Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor -- a lot. However, few are quite as cool-looking as this Re:Edit Hulkbuster figure from Japanese collectible company Sentinel International.

Like the Marvel Select figure, this one eschews the Age of Ultron design, and instead draws inspiration from the comic books. But while Diamond Toys stayed true to the armor's roots, Sentinel gives the suit a bit of a makeover, adding plenty of LED lights, and what looks to be exhaust pipes (rocket launchers? I don't know). As a bonus, the head opens to reveal Iron Man inside (alas, not a full, second figure.)

Standing almost 10 inches, the figures boasts a wide range of articulation, as you can see from the images. As you probably expect, such an impressive collectible comes with an equally impressive price tag: $305. It's scheduled to ship in January.

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(via Toybox)

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