This Stark Industries Messenger Backpack boasts its own Arc Reactor

Forget Team Cap. If this is the kind of swag Stark Industries employees get, we're Team Iron Man all the way.

It's the Marvel Stark Industries Messenger Backpack, aka Mark XBody Armor, and it's without a doubt the coolest piece of superhero-inspired gear since that Captain America Shield Backpack (sorry again, Cap).

Boasting a light-up Arc Reactor on the strap, this licensed Marvel backpack boasts plenty of room for your laptop, books and (probably) Iron Man gauntlets. Embroidered with the Stark Industries logo -- that's key to getting through security checkpoints -- it also has magnetic closures on the flap with quick-release clips.

Offered exclusively by ThinkGeek for $100, the Stark Industries Messenger Backpack may or may not absorb repulsor blasts, Hulk punches and blows from vibranium shields. Consult your research and development department.

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