This 'Star Wars'-themed cinema is fully operational

If you're heading out to see a movie in Omaha, Nebraska, that may be no moon you see, but rather Alamo Drafthouse's new Star Wars-themed cinema, which just happens to have its own 10-foot Death Star looming above the lobby.

In fact, the entire lobby resembles a certain space station, with signature Imperial light panels and signage, as well as the Emperor's throne (the Rebels just don't have the same flair for design). That chair isn't just for show, either: Movie-goers can press a button on the armrest to fire the superlaser of the Death Star above.

Designed by Kansas City firm Dimensional Innovations, the Star Wars elements are intended as a permanent fixture of the theater, which opened Nov. 2.

“The idea behind the lobby is that we wanted to construct and install a lobby theme that would make us unique in our Omaha market as well as the Midwest,” Alamo Omaha said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. Mission accomplished.

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