This Spring, "Everything Ends" at Marvel Comics

After teasing 15 potential returns to past storylines over the past several weeks, including "Civil War," "House of M," a married Peter Parker and Mary Jane (with a daughter!) -- and the animated 1992 "X-Men" series in Summer 2015, Marvel today released a teaser declaring "EVERYTHING ENDS" -- in Spring 2015.

Since the first teaser arrived in mid-October, speculation has run rampant, with most theories coming to the conclusion that they were all related to the upcoming "Secret Wars" event helmed by the team of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. The project was announced by Marvel during New York Comic Con, accompanied by a suitably epic image by Alex Ross depicting dozens of heroes from multiple dimensions engaged in battle. "Secret Wars" is slated to arrive in May, which syncs up nicely with the vague Summer date stamped on every teaser.

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Of course, today's teaser is for something happening before "Secret Wars," indicating a clearing of the decks ahead of the anticipated multi-dimensional throwdown. Hickman's Avengers titles are currently in the midst of the "Time Runs Out" countdown storyline, an 8-month story arc scheduled to wrap in April, which happens to be right in the middle of Spring. It's been a theory among fans that the finale of that storyline will segue directly into "Secret Wars," one bolstered by Marvel's tendency to roll ongoing arcs from its series straight into its big events.

Check out the latest teaser below, share your theories with the CBR Community and check back with us in the days and weeks to follow for more information.

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