This Site Is Good: NYC Graphic

NYC Graphic is this excellent website by writer Christopher Irving and photographer Seth Kushner that examines the comic book history (and present) of New York through interviews with the many comic book professionals who make New York their home.

It's a wonderfully insightful website, with excellent photographs from Kushner. I believe I've linked before to the photography project that Kushner was doing a year or so ago that inspired this current project. In March of 2008, Kushner began doing a series of portraits of graphic novelists in the New York City area. Eventually, he decided to expand the project (which would be a coffee table-esque book) by adding interviews - enter Christopher Irving.

So as the interviews are collected, the guys add the pieces to the NYC Graphic website - some of them are poeple that Kushner already did portraits of, while some of them (like Jules Feiffer) are brand new portraits to accompany the new interview.

It's really a wonderful project - here is a mock-up of what the book might look like...

Pretty sweet looking, no?

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